17 March 2007

Are You Sure It's March

After a day at the park today, I have sunburn and mosquito bites. Are we totally sure that it's only March?


  1. You can just shush! We got snowed dumped on us yesterday, I don't know how much but at least 8 inches probably more. I found it humorous that I got an email from the Mountain Group stating they were having kite day yesterday. All of this with the teaser we had earlier in the week of 70+ degree weather. The kids were playing outside all day and loving it. Even they are sick of the snow and ready for some spring weather.

  2. Welcome to spring in Texas, especially in East Texas! LOL!


  3. It was 80 degrees when we got home on Wednesday. It was 32 this morning! Spring in Alabama, summer one day, winter the next.


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