25 March 2007

Glimpses of the Homestead

Here is my "front" door - at least part of it. The front porch is shaped like the letter "L" - and this kitchen door is on one side and there is a door on the other side that goes into the living room. The living room door has an old doorknob without a key so we use it less often. (It has a manual lock from the inside!) At our house in West Virginia one day, I read Deuteronomy 6:9 that says to talk about the Lord's commands when you sit and stand, binding them on your head and writing "these commandments" on the doorframes of your homes. I took it literally. I couldn't wait to get settled and do the same here in our new home. I wrote the 10 commandments and ended with Deuteronomy 6:9. It is a symbol to all who enter of the standard that we hope to live out within the four walls of our humble abode!
Another fun thing on the homefront - we went to visit my mother-in-law this weekend and the kids found this old rusty tricycle in the back by her pond. They brought it up to the house, and she said she didn't care about it - and that I could take it home. I was so excited - it will make a cute addition to my front porch. When Travis saw it he said it was his when he was small which makes me like it even more! Here is a picture of it:
I hope that you are making your home a place you thoroughly enjoy too! Blessings ♥


  1. i love your door.. what a great idea. i also love the tricycle. doesn't finding something that really makes you smile feel so good?
    and i am excited about the contest. everyone has such fantastic quotes it will be even harder to pick one to vote for than it was to come up with one. ackkkk...

  2. LOVE the door and the verses - GREAT idea! and what a fabulous trike - i bet it looks fantastic on your porch. :)

  3. I just can't wait to find out where my home will be. I know we haven't even been home two weeks yet, but it feels like forever!

  4. Just stopped by to say "Hi", and hope you do the same, if you have time.

  5. I LOVE THAT TRICYCLE!~ The commandments around the door frame is a neat idea too! Hey, those azaleas are BEautiful. Not much blooming here yet, but then we haven't barely had any rain. Looks like another drought year.

    I penned another post to explain how to set up a price book....just for you. =)

  6. Your house looks to be the same color as ours. I want to paint our front door a bluey-green color and and window boxes in the same. I love the trike too, as well as the verses.

  7. I love it! What a neat idea to post scripture around your door. And the tricycle...it would also make a great prop for sepia pictures.


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