07 March 2007

This Woman Should NOT Be Somebody's Mother

I try not to bog down my blog with my opinions on news stories, but sometimes it is just too much! I read this story about a woman who had a botched abortion two years ago that did not end in the termination of her pregnancy, and later had a doctor fail to detect that she was still pregnant. She gave birth in December '04 and is now suing Planned Parenthood and her physician for the cost of raising her child. We are not talking about a teenager here folks - this is a 45 year old woman who should know how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. I have one thing to say to her, "STEP AWAY FROM THE BABY!" This poor 2 year old child will know one day that she first, wasn't wanted and, second, I'll raise you as long as I don't have to pay one red cent. Talk about failure to accept responsibility! UGH! Can anyone hear my disgust?? I think the capital letters and bold type cannot possibly adequately convey how completely, totally and irrepressibly DISGUSTED I am! Grrr. I'll raise the munchkin - give her here!


  1. Ah - lest we forget last night's Bible study. Let's hate what she did - and love her in spite of her obvious lack of morality, responsibility, common sense, ethics, integrity, etc.
    We could keep the list going on and on, but I am glad that Jesus doesn't keep a similar list attributed to me.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That makes me sick.....

    I am off to read to my six blessings.......

  3. I can't comment on your blog anymore!!!!! I just checked back and none of the comments I have sent for the past couple of weeks are there! Either you don't like me and am blocking me or something is going really wrong on here!


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