07 March 2007

Hopelessly Flawed

I don't usually have very many pictures of myself - being that I am always the one "behind" the camera. Once in a while it gets turned on me and when it does, it isn't usually pretty. (For example the "windstorm" picture with my friend Tina in the sidebar!) The picture here was taken this weekend at the youth's "progressive dinner". Anybody that knows me at all will recognize this as quite typical. (laughing at me is the pastor's daughter, Missy on the right who I am sure will be happy to find her picture here as well!)
And while I am confessing my faults, let me say that the other day, I had not one but TWO WHOLE BATCHES (that's 8 loaves) of bread flop. The first batch flopped because I forgot to add yeast. Flour + water + oil - yeast = bricks! The second batch was put in the oven before I left for church, and although I asked Travis to take it OUT of the oven in 30 minutes (when the timer went off), he claims he didn't hear me. I came home to 4 lovely charcoal briquettes!
How about you? Are you weird? Do you fail? Aren't you glad that Jesus loves us anyway? But don't you sometimes ask yourself why???


  1. Am I weird? of course! Do I fail? Everyday. Am I thankful Jesus loves me anyway? Without a doubt, someone has to love me and all my imperfections. I fathom at the thought that God knows my faults and mistakes before I even make them. I was recently asked what I feared most about God. My answer was seeing disappointment in His eyes. While He loves me and ALL my faults I can still see the disappointment when I picture Him. I am thankful that behind that disappointment is hope, love, and forgiveness! Love and Miss ya!! Shasta

  2. AMEN! I am so glad that Jesus loves me, despite my MANY faults. I sure pray that when I get to heaven He says, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!"

    (You must be TRULY funny, the way that she is laughing!!)


  3. Well, you know I am weird. We won't talk about that. I flopped two batches of fudge, two different recipes on the same day. It was horrible. That was the early 80's and I've been afraid to make fudge ever since!

  4. I don't post many pictures of myself either. Partly becuase I'm the one with the camera and party becuase none ever turn out looking half decent!
    Since you asked, I'll ramble on about myself for a while. hehehehe.
    My favourite foods are my grandma's brownies, steak with french fries and coffee (not a food I know, but something I'm hopelessly addicted to)
    In high school I was pretty insecure. I was in band and loved it, but I quit band because all the cool kids had quit. I guess I thought if I remained in band I was automatically and forever uncool. Looking back, of course it seems really dumb, but that was then and I'm MUCH smarter now.
    Back then I flirted with the idea of smoking because again, all the cool kids did. I'm so glad I didn't! At least I was smart enough to know that smoking was not going to make me one of the a-listers. Too bad I didn't figure that out before I quit band.
    I guess my biggest childhood fear was losing my mom. She raised my by herself and was pretty much all I had. She's not from a close family and my dad and his family were never in the picture. During the Cold War years all I could think about was, "What if the Soviets nuke us while I'm apart from my mom and I never see her again?"
    So, now you know me. Actually I don't even think my husband knows the band dropout story or the Cold War one. You are two up on him!
    As for the slippers I posted, they are lightweight, they're triple layer flannel with non slip bottoms. I might have a contest someday, you never know!

  5. A huge amen to this blog! Last night a member of our church called for my husband. Since the member is fairly new, and I didn't know if he'd know me by name, I said, "This is Deena, the pastor's wife's Dave..."...to which he replied, "Um...let's begin again, ok?" To which I replied, "This is the dingbat married to the pastor!!"
    So glad God gets a kick out of me and loves me in spite of my idiocy!!


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