09 March 2007

Pit Dweller Extraordinaire

This post is for the "Bloggity Book Club". We have just finished reading Get Out of that Pit by Beth Moore. I don't think that any of the principles in the book were earthshakingly new for me, but they were grounded in so much truth. That's what kind of teacher Beth Moore is - one that saturates you with God's word. Boy don't I love her for it.
I would have to agree with Boomama that I had a bit of an aversion to the word "pit" at first. Satan will use absolutely anything to keep us from seeking and finding the truth. I HATE him for it. I promise I do, even though I allow him to lead me to a pit repeatedly - like a realtor showing you through your new abode with all its amenities, "it'll feel so good here....you can set up a permanent home for yourself and your family.....this neighborhood suits you better........the lack of light allows for a certain amount of *ahem* privacy...." Certainly if we saw it so clearly this way, we would completely reject "the pit" - but as it is, we often go there much unbeknownst to ourselves until we come up out of the top as if we were scuba diving and lost our air tank several hundreds of feet down, gasping for breath.
One of the things this book helped me do was it helped me recognize the lure and symptoms of a pit. I have fallen into many - and dove head first into others. However, I loved it that in her usual "Beth" style, is she gives you real tools, almost like a step-ladder to help you out of the pit. Praying God's Word was another book she wrote that was extremely beneficial in my life, and she used the same principles in this book - giving an entire set of deliverance scriptures to pray through.
I also love the message that our pit cannot keep us captive. A pit is different from a jail cell in this - we can still look up to the One who is able to lift us out.
One of the most significant things I read, that gave me a lift out of the pit I am drawn to over and over again was in Chapter 8: Make Up Your Mind. The last two lines of the first full paragraph on pg 176 spoke directly to my heart: "Nobody has a right to keep you in a pit or to shame you for bailing. Not even your mama." I am going to be extremely candid - my mother is one of the absolute biggest "pitfalls" in my spiritual walk. I love her and am jealous for the portion of her heart that should belong to me - but found that the catapult I made out of the pit, and my absolute refusal in any way to even come near it to gaze in has caused a rift in our relationship. I was tempted to say "forever" or "permanent", but I do believe as Betsie ten Boom told her sister, Corrie, that they must tell others, "there is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still". God and God alone can save her from the blackness that surrounds her - just as He has rescued me. But it is a continuous pain, a heartache that tempts me to come near to the pit I once inhabited. With tears in my eyes as I am sharing from my heart. For far too long, I made my dwelling in the pit. I could not save myself from the generations of sin, bitterness and strife. I was helpless. The day I cried out for help, I met One who was able to save completely. I know that the principles our dear author shares in this book are true, because I have lived them.


  1. what a great testimony -- thank you for sharing. and i love the realtor analogy :-)

  2. Beth Moore is my absolute favorite ;o) I saw her on her tour live, in WA a few weeks ago. Over on my blog I list the tour schedule. Cheers!

  3. GREAT comments on the book. I read some insights that I didn't catch myself.

  4. I love how Beth's honesty in sharing herself encourages us to share ourselves...and there is such freedom in honest sharing. May I always be so transparent that the Jesus in me can always be seen.

  5. You are right that so much of what Beth Moore says is not new. But I guess my favorite part is that she helps you easily apply it. Like you said, a step ladder answer. This is my first book of hers and the scripture prayers are AWESOME! :)

  6. Great post. I am sorry to about your mom. Sometimes I wonder if my mother will ever even see the pit she's in. Mine is right next to hers, except I think I have a window....

  7. LOVE your honesty and transparency - and I found myself nodding along as I read through your review. You know what struck me the most? What you said about you turning from "generations of sin" - that is HUGE. I'm so sorry about what you're going through with your mama...that has to be so hard. Remember: Ephesians 3:20.

    Thanks so much for doing the book club with us!

  8. Hello,
    Just stopping by to 'discuss' the book club book. I enjoyed reading your notes, especially the realtor analogy. I've been duped by that privacy line more than once. Here's to heading up and out, hanging on to God's robe!



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