17 March 2007

Strange Tastes

I have to admit - I LOVE V-8 JUICE! I love the red stuff - and when I buy a big bottle of it - I just can't stop drinking it until it is gone. I even loved it when I was a kid - which I know is not common.
One of my newest favorite snacks is also celery with cream cheese. I don't even remember how this happened - but I love it.
Then there are the peppers - jalapenos, yellow pepper rings - I eat these on just about everything. I even wondered the other day if a jalapeno and powdered sugar donut would taste good together - and I opted for something with peppers!
Most of the things I crave and can't leave alone are veggie related. I can't wait for the farmer's market to open up so I can get my hands on all kinds of fresh produce! Yippee!!!
What are you eating that's good?


  1. Chocolate. Of course.

  2. I love apples with cheddar cheese and sour gummy worms that have the thick sugar coating.


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