29 March 2007

Random Conversations

My oldest daughter is turning into such a precious young lady. But what I love is that she can look totally glamorous one second and be making noises like a wounded animal the next just to make people laugh. Her personality is so zany at times, and other times as deep as the ocean. Today I had to make a trip to the car insurance company, which was an hour away and she was the only one who wanted to accompany me. It gave us ample opportunity to talk. We talked about the Lord, and how she felt that she was in a spiritual slump lately. We talked about how cursing was not really about the "word" because somebody somewhere decided that it would make the list of swear words, but because of the heart - and that the people that say pooh or shoot or dang it or rats are no more righteous in God's sight. We talked about make-up. I developed a theory, albeit totally flawed theologically that God loves me more, because I gave birth to her - and if he thinks she's precious in His sight, how much more the person that is also precious in his sight that gave birth to her. (I was just teasing!) We listened to her new Nickelback CD - and then my Norah Jones and decided that my CD was much more relaxing. Although the conversations were random, what I realized through all of them is that I really like her. If this was MySpace, she'd definitely be in my top 10!

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  1. i know you said you were kidding about being more precious, but just think about how much God does trust us when he gives us these little lives to mold. just think about that. whatever you're challenged with by each child, God knew that you possessed what it takes to love them, to help them, to guide them. it's an amazing responsibility, and He chose you..
    one of my favorite quotes is by mother teresa, it says, " i know God will not give me anything i can't handle, i just wish he didn't trust me so much."

    and what requires more handling than the lives of our children?
    now that's pretty precious.


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