08 March 2007

Walking Dictionary

I have a very curious 9 year old boy. He has always asked a lot of questions - but lately his favorite has been, "What does ________ mean?" He is usually referring to a word in something he is reading, however it can come from the radio, television, a conversation he overhears, etc. I love it that he is so curious - but if I am going to be able to keep up - I think I will have to start reading the dictionary! It is so strange - there are many words that you are familiar with, and have an understanding of what they mean - but have difficulty defining.
How about you, what is the funniest, most persistent thing your children have asked?


  1. Thank goodness for google! I search EVERYTHING there!
    Did you know that peacocks can fly? I didn't. Not until my four year old asked me.

    I am hosting a GAME on my blog. Get out your creative side and come see!
    (There'll be a PRIZE!!)

    By the way... You were right... *sigh*.... my wordless wednesday WASN'T really wordless! ACK!!! The scary thing is that I didn't even notice the word! HA HA HA!!

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

  2. I am having the same scenario here. We have been reading Johnny Tremain and just about everytime there is a word that needs to be explained. I know I must look really bright looking at them with a blank look. I KNOW what they mean, but explaining it to a 10 yo and a 7 yo is really difficult. So we have been having a lot of dictionary time.

  3. oh, gosh...what HAVEN'T they asked me...my son has a comedian who does a routine about kids and their questions that makes us roll every time...curious little buggers that they are...and they always ask the weirdest ones at the worst times.

    Right now my middle child (a girl) is constantly asking how different animals make and have babies....and that's all I'll share on that topic!!

  4. When Ricky was three or four he was always asking what states were next to each other and how many miles from (any state) to (any state). But the funniest was "How many miles from Massachusetts (pause) to hell? And what if you were in a hurry?"
    That one never did get an answer.


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