04 March 2007

Party Game #2 - Land of the Green Glass Doors

The first commenter to figure this out will likely end the playing of said game - so comment here that you know the answer - but don't give it away! 'Kay? You have to guess what the deal is with this place -

Welcome to the Land of the Green Glass Doors -

Here we have puppies and kittens but no cats and dogs
There are daddies and mommies but no children
We have bubble gum here, but I'm afraid there is no candy
There's vanilla and strawberry but there is NO chocolate (I'm leaving!)
The only colors here are yellow and green
The only bears here are teddy bears
There is passion but no love
There are kisses but no hugs

One of our favorite ones the first time we played this game (I hope not to offend anyone) - that there are butts but no toilet paper (okay, okay - I was playing with a van full of teenagers - most of which were boys)

There are needles but no sewing
There are books but we don't read, because there are no stories
We have many hobbies but no arts and crafts (woo hoo!)
There are scissors and cutting, but no paper
People are generally happy here but lack joy
It's beautiful here with trees and grass but no plants and strangely nothing grows
We have pepper but no salt
We like to eat pizza but will skip the ice cream

I'll think of some more examples and maybe post them later. If you can figure out what is going on here in our land, let me know that you think you know the answer. You could also email me what your answer is (julientexas at sbcglobal dot com)- but please leave a comment to let me know you are playing the game!

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  1. Aha! Apparently, you live next door to Fannee Doolee! :-)


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