14 March 2007

Prayer and Beware

I may be a day late and a dollar short on this - but my friend Karen and her family are ending their journey as missionaries in Romania. You can go to her blog and read all about it - but what I wanted to ask you here is that you would pray for her family as they make a very long distance move. Her most recent post was called "The End of the Story" - but I was thinking about that how it is more like the end of a chapter. As I commented on her blog, the beauty of it is that God is always writing a new one. In our lives I am slowly seeing the ink and letters on the pages of our new life. Please pray for them as God begins writing the new chapter for the Woodwards.

Also, I don't think that Karen would mind my sharing this as a warning to all bloggers. Last week when they were in the process of moving and on the computer very little, someone left some very ugly spam comments on her blog. I found it interesting that the post that was commented on was one giving God the glory for all that He has done for them during this time of transition. (Three guesses who was behind that one!) Anyway, just beware and make sure you have your comments set for moderation. I know it is one more thing to do - but I am telling you - it may save you a lot of heartache. When I saw the comments it was so upsetting that I tried to find a phone number for her in ROMANIA because I felt as if her cyber-home had been vandalized. Take care of your homes peoples!

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