12 March 2007

Fun Stuff

I am not a prize winner of any sort. I am not very competitive when it comes to competing for prizes. In fact when the Ultimate Blog Party announced that they were having "door prizes" for party-goers, I paid little or no notice at all. I never perused the prize list or entered my "choice" for a prize, should my name be drawn. But Saturday morning in my junk email folder I found an email from one of the hard-workin' mamas at WorkingMomsAgainstGuilt, saying that I had won their prize of a $20 iTunes Gift Certificate! Isn't that just the coolest? Since I do not have an iPod - and being a mom find putting headphones (or a cell phone, or a phone of any kind) to my head is an invitation for someone in my house to try to speak to me - and therefore an exercise in frustration - I happily passed along the certificate to my resident iPod JUNKIE, Kaitlyn. The neat thing was that I have asked her to be patient and hold off on buying any new songs for a while - to which she gladly complied - and then is rewarded with this! YAY! I love when stuff like that happens. Thanks so much ladies!

Also, for my birthday, my non-blogger, ITF (in-the-flesh) friend, Carol, sent me an online gift certificate for my birthday from Gift Certificates.com that you could use in about a billion places to shop online. What a great way to give a gift across the miles! As a book junkie, I honed in on Barnes & Noble, and got myself a book that I had really, really, really been wanting! How cool is that? Thank you Carol. Even though you don't blog - you are still the online shopping and eBay queen!

Who said life online ain't fun??!?


  1. Congratulations! I like your new blog name. I've considered changing mine but I'm not very creative with titles.

  2. I LOVE contests and have taken some pictures to enter the one you told me about. You win without even trying!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And congrats on winning ze prize. It is so nice to win when you're not expecting too. Hmmm...makes me wonder if I've ever won something but deleted it w/out opening it...

    Hope you have a great week, my friend!


  4. How Cool is that!!!! I have been so busy. I saw the post about the party, but hadn't had time to visit. =( Maybe next time. I am trying to get everything moved over from HSB and keep up with HSB2. AAAAAAAA!


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