22 March 2007

T13 Edition #5 - Thirteen Movies for a Deserted Island

If I were to be dropped on a deserted island, and the only thing I could have is my personal DVD player (equipped with several extra battery packs – okay suspend disbelief for a minute would ya?) and only 13 movies, here is what I would take:

1. The Passion of the Christ - when I need to remember Jesus’s sacrifice

2. Little Women - when I need to remember the value of family

3. Facing the Giants - when I need encouragement to “keep going”

4. Spiderman - when I feel like climbing a wall – or a palm tree – whatever!

5. Return to Me - when I lose heart

6. The Titanic - when I feel like I’m sinking in a cold world

7. Tuck Everlasting - when I faint at the thought of growing old

8. Oliver! – when I feel like nobody loves me

9. Cheaper by the Dozen – old version - when I think I have too many kids!

10. The Astronaut Farmer - when I need to remember how to dream (Okay – I know it is not on DVD yet

11. The Prestige – when I am bored and need to stretch my brain a bit

12. Gone With the Wind – when frankly my dear I don’t give a – oh yeah this is a family friendly blog!

13. The Sound of Music OR Fiddler on the Roof – when I feel like singing!

This list could have a few variables on any given day – but this seems to be a good mixed list of movies I’ve seen recently and ones that I’ve loved for a long time.


  1. thats such a wonderul list! very creative...Ill have to think about this one

  2. Thanks for the list - I'm intrigued by some of your choices. The Prestige - haven't gotten around to watching that - Same goes with Facing the Giants and the Astronaut Farmer. I totally loved Return to Me.h

  3. Great movies for a deserted island! On my list, if I made one, I would definitely include Secondhand Lions, which would remind me to use my imagination more. Haven't seen Facing the Giants yet, (whisper) even tho' it was shown at our church (shhhh...keep it quiet...I wasn't there).
    I'll have to keep this idea in mind for a later TT.

  4. Great list! I still haven't seen Oliver or Facing the Giants.

  5. I love fiddler!! Great movie! I would add Gattaca, I think that's a great one.

  6. Oh this is a great list! I really liked how you added the different aspects of the movies for those special days. But where on earth is the Sound of Music, for when you feel like you need a little extra kick to follow God's plan for your life to overcome anything? LOL!

  7. Hey, babe. Did you overhaul your look since I was here last? Wow! It's great!

    Cool list. I think I'd skip The Last Temptation, myself, but the others... if I can't have books, those would be FINE substitutes.

    Happy TT a day late -- have a great weekend!

  8. Since Pride and Prejudice is your favorite book, have you watched the A&E version of it?
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Great TT list. I LOVED Facing the Giants, one of the best movies I've ever watched. I haven't seen a couple of the movies you've mentioned so I'm gonna have to check them out. Happy Friday.

    My TT is up also.


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