09 March 2007

Home Tour

I am still intending to work on adding more segments to the "video tour" of my house. I loaded the one here a while ago - but it takes a LONG time. My friend Kate suggested I use Photobucket - so I will have to check that out and see if it is any easier than Drop Shots which is what I have used.

Please only view this video if you can stand to hear me describe things in my house ad nauseam. I mainly made these videos for my friends back in WV to be able to "see" my new home in TX.

Here are some shots of some pictures I put up in my living room. I decided that instead of using actual "formal" photos of my kids, I would print some black and whites of my favorite snapshots in some black frames with white mattes - and I just LOVE how it turned out. The top picture was taken in the Badlands at sunrise by Peter Petretta on a mission trip we took with the youth group from WV a couple of summers ago. Only a handful of the kids got up early enough to go with him -and when I look at this picture I think of the faithful remnant that will seek after the Lord no matter what the cost! The one on the left was taken of my friend Tina and me with some of the same youth group laying on the ground in a circle. It is one of my all time favorite cool pictures. The bottom right picture is of my girls together. They really do love each other and I think this picture adequate conveys their sincere affection.
Just a little updated look into our home!

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  1. Loved the tour but do I detect a Texan drawl already??? Let me see a picture of your hair. Do you have a Texan mound on top too? This could be serious!


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