09 March 2007

Fashion Hallelujah

I hope I spelled the Hallelujah right! (spell check helped me fix it but it doesn't look right) We went shopping yesterday - stopped off at Old Navy for the "St. Patrick's Day" tees and then later were at Wal-mart where we perused the graphic tees. Both places finally got the hint - LONGER SHIRTS PLEASE! It was so nice to go in and find shirts that came down below your hips to actually cover you, not only for modesty for my daughters, but for someone with a plus size figure, I don't want a shirt that comes to the waistband of my pants - it doesn't cover my problem area! Thank goodness for shirts that actually fit! WOO HOO! And in case you haven't noticed - shorts that come down past the butt are back as well. I am no slave to fashion - being a t-shirt and jeans gal and all - but even I have noticed the digression the last couple of years.

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  1. I KNOW!!!! Here in England we are still struggleing to find jeans that actually reach your waist instead of showing half of your rear end (not a pretty site, I can tell you!!!). Or a shirt that doesn't show off this road map of a stomach! I have stretch marks that make the road map look simple! And I have noticed that England doesn't do women's sizes. It is all designed for tiny little stick insects or for old ladies!! What about the other HALF of the women in this country who don't want to dress like little old ladies but look ridiculous dressed as teenagers???? Thanks I feel better now after that rant for the day! :)


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