30 June 2007

Ah, Texas!

There really is no other place on earth like it. While I haven't actually traversed the entire earth - I can still tell you - the mold was broken after the good Lord fashioned this lone star state. While I have spent much of the last year wondering what I'm doing here, and how long I can make it (kind of like one of those people on Fear Factor put in a glass box while 50 live tarantulas are released to climb all over them), I have been reading the blog of another homeschooler who was a Texan trying to get back home from the land of Arkansas. She posted a blog earlier today that I just have to link to about how to know when you're in Texas! Check out some of the other links too - good stuff. I have been learning to love Texas vicariously through her!
(Just to clarify - it's not Texas - it's me! This place just isn't my home yet!)


  1. I'm a transplanted Texan and miss it greatly...We drive home pretty much once a year. My goal is always to cross the state line on day one of our trip (no easy feat since it's a solid 12 hours!). The first time I flew home after moving away I actually cried when the pilot said we were in Texas airspace...you know it's a different place when the pilot makes that kind of announcement:))

    I do hope that it becomes home for you soon!

  2. So, have you learned to say "Howdy" yet? : )

  3. Awwww. I am sorry that you haven't found your "groove" here. You can email me any time and we can chat. Maybe I can help you find a few positive things to "write home about". ;)

  4. By the way (I'm sprittibee). Not sure why my profile is not working right. My email is longhorn . bee @ gmail . com (minus the extra spaces!).

  5. Hurray I'm in!! I have written you so many comments lately and then had the computer refuse to let me sign in to post them!!! Gggrrrrrr! So what did I want to say? Thanks for the comments you have left lately. So glad that there was nothing serious wrong with dear Katlyne, I was praying but of course couldn't get on to tell you I was! And yes, I would read a book that you wrote, especially when I'm getting it for free! LOL! Well, hopefully I can comment more often now. Take care!


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