15 June 2007

Afternoon Delight

It is Friday afternoon and I'm here at my computer with a hot cup of coffee with Irish Creamer and life is good. It was a yucky day in which I had to do huge, major grocery shopping, but hey - I was finished before noon before Billy Bob and all of his cousin's get their paychecks and head over in pickups brimming over the sides with kinfolk to the Wally-world. Thank heavens.
It was a traumatic experience - grocery shopping. I really hate this task. I love to cook though, and my family won't stop eating even though I tell them how terribly inconsiderate it is, which means we need supplies. I try to only go every other week - but money is tight right now (could it be TWO formal gowns and a 3 week trip to WV?) and alas, I shall have to go again next week.
It is also traumatic looking at the carts of passers-by (should that be passer-bys?). The amounts of processed food that people consume scares me! I had a moment where I started to reach for the hot dogs and Little Debbies in the cart of an unsuspecting woman with the words, "You can't eat THAT!" on my lips when the Lord gently reminds me that I fed my kid SPAM yesterday. It just scares me. There are advantages to buying processed foods - they fit in the cart nice and neatly - all the square little boxes standing neatly in a row.
Grocery shopping completed, and heading in mini van full of plastic sacks, in a torrential downpour, my son and I spy what appears to be a MASSIVE tornado to the west. Ugh. I'm in a van no less, and I'm thinking of sacks of flour flying around in my van as it is sucked up into the vortex - MORE than I am thinking about our safety. Then I decide it doesn't really matter because the van is already covered with about 10 pounds of sand from the beach excursion. Oh and yes, I finally put a bra on to go grocery shopping and I finally got the whole sixties "burn your bra" thing - I mean who invented this twisted torture device? Anyway - it was apparently NOT a tornado. The weather - not the undergarments.
All this to say that it is Friday afternoon - I'm having a hot cup 'a joe, and blogging without a whole lot of demands to meet at this very moment. Ah! I'm thinking that maybe afternoon coffee is not such a good thing for me as I scan back over this post! Anyway - what's in your coffee?


  1. Whoa that's quite the shopping trip. Processed food might not be good for us but you're right about it fitting into the cart. It also fits the freezer. Usually comes with it's own bowl too so there's less cleanup!

  2. I am a tea granny- i take it with milk and honey. I am having a quiet moment to, as I just put little M for a nap, and J is watching a little show. The oldest two are at nature school for a couple of hours still. I should be cleaning, but I am not- this is more fun!

  3. I use sweet & low and hazelnut creamer by International House! Super duper yummy!

    Now that I have a 16 year old and a 20 year old, we're lucky to all sit down for a meal together once a week! I'm not kidding! I keep frozen pizza and hot pockets, buffalo wings and ramen noodle soup, (AKA "Stinky Soup")in the house. I fix lovely dinners, salmon on the grill, Mexican Chicken salad, etc, it's just there's no one around to eat them except Dave & I!

    I think it's nature's way of preparing me for my empty nest. sniff, sniff,

  4. but but.. i love little debbie's... :o)~

    actually no oatmeal pies for me tonight.. i'm having coffee with my french vanilla creamer..

  5. If I am at home, my coffee is a pitiful cup of Cafe Francais (the instant kind) because that's all the effort I'm able to put into it. If I am out, though, I am a Starbucks slave and my ridiculously-overpriced-drink-of-choice is a Grande Soy Latte with two pumps of Caramel. Mmmmm....

    I, too, dread the weekly shopping trip. We get Daddy's paycheck, I deposit it at the bank (I can't wait for his shop to pick up on direct deposit!) and I head over to the grocery store that evening. It takes me about an hour to an hour-and-a-half and I'm completely worn out afterwards - especially if I have to take more than one child with me. All four is complete misery...

    I'm glad you and your van didn't get sucked in by a massive tornado.


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