29 June 2007

Susan Godfrey's Blog Contest

I read about Susan Godfrey's Blog: Contest!! earlier today and I just had to enter. She is giving away a blog design. It isn't for me - because Goofy Girl made my blog just the way I wanted it. I want to win it for a friend who would like to have her blog spruced up a bit. This post is to help publicize her contest. Jump on over there and check it out - she has some very cute graphics for a lucky winner!


  1. And here I've been so impressed all along at how creative and tech savvy you were to be able to put together such a wonderful blog. Hmm. If white hair were one of the options for that blog contest template, I might have entered it, but it wasn't, so I didn't. Wish I could have taken my template with me when I had to switch blogs. It was so me. I loved it. :-(


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