20 June 2007

Something's Really Abuzz!

Just a short post to rant about these dang Texas flies! I hate them.... and their 10 gallon hats...... and their stupid spurs..... and the females with big fly hair!


  1. I've lived here almost 14 years and they are the worst they've ever been, this year! I was grilling on Father's day, dodging rain drops, and they were swarming me!!!! I turned off the grill when I was done and left the lid open for it to cool. In less than 10 minutes, it was covered with flies!!!

    EWWW!!!!!!Gag and gross me out!

  2. That sounds very annoying! That reminded me to be careful where we camp this summer as some areas of our province have a of black flies!

  3. Oh, friend. I am so happy to hear that I'm not the only one whose home is being overrun. We have those water traps at every entrance, fly paper (I know it's gross, but I'd rather their carcasses stuck to tape than them hovering over my kids' sandwiches), and I have a fly swatter in my hand nearly every time I am in the kitchen. It makes me want to peek into heaven and ask God to explain WHY these freakin' flies are so important! Please let me know when you are heading to Bastrop so we can meet up. I would really love that.

    Take care!


  4. i don't want to laugh at your frustration.. but...
    mwhahahahahahhaha.. big fly hair...

  5. Just noticed the post titles - very cute.
    We have horse flies at the pool - they hurt, but they don't come in swarms, just one or two annoying biting pests at a time.


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