18 June 2007

Bloggers Block

It is so weird - when I am not able to get to my computer, I have about a thousand and two things that are going through my head that are blog-worthy. Then I get here and look at this little white box and have nothing, nada, zilch!

There are a few interesting happenings to report.
The kids and I are peeling from the sunburn of last week. My son has enjoyed picking it off of everyone and informed us this morning at the breakfast table that he is making a "skin ball". I need mothers of boys to tell me - should I be alarmed?
My oldest daughter has officially decided that she is not interested in having a serious relationship - and would like to just be a teenager. Her philosophy is that relationships are a distraction, and an entanglement that she is not ready for yet. Where did she come from?
My youngest daughter almost fainted last night. She was as white as a sheet - even her face. She was also clammy to the touch. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Oooh oooh ooh - and I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to see this movie! I LOVE Jane Austen! Oh my GOSH - and as you watch the preview you will hear some of the same music from LITTLE WOMEN! It is too good to be true! I can hardly wait! I am like a little kid waiting for Santa! I just read that it is supposed to open August 3rd!

Okay - I'm sorry but here is another video with awesome pictures from the movie along with some fabulous Jane Austen quotes!!!!

That's all for now folks! Badee badeep!


  1. Hey! I am blogging from the library once again so I can't listen to your videos. I will when we get home. Sounds like a movie that I must see! I hope Kaitlyn is OK.

  2. oh, oh, I call girls night out for that movie!

  3. YES! A girls night! Halfmoon and I are planning a trip down there to see you (half planning, half dreaming) but we do not want to see the skin ball! It's a bit Silence of the Lambs-ish, but according to my boys "really cool" I don't understand boys. At all. Ever.

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm beside myself! I saw your comment on JenIg's blog and had to stop by to get details. Thanks for the "heads-up!" I'm an Austen-ophile as well! www.homeschoolblogger.com/sockmonkey


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