14 June 2007

Been to Vista and Back Again

Those of you who are regulars here - know of the computer saga that never seems to end. I went to WV at the end of April and a couple of weeks into May. When I returned it seems that my laptop had some sort of travel illness. With a little diagnostic testing from my dear hubby & computer guy extraordinaire, as well as confirmation from HP, it was determined that my hard drive had crashed. They sent me a new one and hubby hooked me up with a computer for temporary use, while he attempted to extract my documents from the crashed hard drive. I have never missed a day of work thanks to him - or not - and I have plugged away here on my little blog! We put the new hard drive in and upgraded the system to the Windows Vista operating system that was supposed to be sent in January - but arrived in May while I was gone. Anyhoo, blah blah blah to say that every.single.day that system has crashed something like 20+ times. It means rebooting over and over again. There is a nice new look to it, lots of gizmos and gadgets for your desktop, etc. but if the system doesn't consistently run - well it's no good. Oh and for those of you who are my scrappin' buddies - the reason I hadn't gotten my Adobe Photoshop reloaded and gotten up to speed on scrapbooking again is that it won't take the dang program! UGH! After a very busy workload yesterday, and crashes about every 15 minutes or so, I told my hubby, take me back! There have been minor losses along the way. I have lost some emails, and a few documents. The worst loss was a folder of pictures that were taken when the girls friends visited from WV. I cannot find that file anywhere! (I guess they'll have to come back and do it again!) Anyway - hubby got XP back on the machine now and we are humming along. If you are using Vista, I send my condolences! When I did an internet search to link this to an article about the problems on this new operating system, I found rants about the problems going back to over a year ago - BEFORE IT WAS EVEN RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC! What were they thinking.


  1. How frustrating!!!

    I added your blog to my thursday thirteen this morning. (13 of my favorite blogs.) I hope you don't mind.


  2. That sounds very annoying. I am trying to do aerobics every morning ro a DVD I just bought- I don't know what is up with our DVD player, but it keeps skipping and freezing anything we thry to pla in it. My solution is to bang the top of it with my foot while trying to keep on with my exercise. Yesterday i miscalculated and broke the little door off of the video tape slot! OOPS! I am glad you did not attack your laptop!

  3. I am pretty wary of Vista too - I'd like to see it out for a while and the kinks worked out of it before I jump on the bandwagon.
    Hope you find your picture file soon.

  4. When our hard drive crashed about a month ago, certain files and folders were forever lost. Poof, up in smoke! The most important one, my genealogy research was safe and I am backing it up onto CD now. A lesson learned the hard way!


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