16 June 2007

Donuts for Daddy's Day

I decided to do a low-cost, high-energy gift for Father's Day for my hubby. I got up this morning and made homemade donuts! Since Father's Day falls on a Sunday - this had to be done a day early. If everybody will take it easy, he can have some for his Father's Day breakfast.
It is really rainy today - big surprise - and while I was frying the donuts, Kaitlyn came out of her room screaming that water was coming through the roof. So Happy Father's Day daddy - you get to fix the roof! Strange thing is that this roof is just 14 months old - so we think it may be covered under warranty. It was landing on her bed and I am thankful that she knew it - and also that it didn't happen while she was asleep. C'est la vie! It's always something.
Hope you are having a nice Father's Day weekend. How are you spoiling the daddy at your house?
The top picture is pre-glazing and the bottom is post-glaze. They aren't pretty but they sure were good! YUM YUM YUM Stop on by - I'll put some coffee on! Travis won't mind sharing!


  1. Homemade donuts? I have heard of them but have never been lucky enough to have one. I will bring the coffee (lots of it) if you will make me donuts!
    You might never get rid of me!

  2. oh sure, make your husband donuts so I look bad! Actually, our daughter wants to make him cinnamon buns tomorrow morning. We already gave him some golf shoes, as he went golfing on Thursday night ( a rare evening out for him), and tomorrow will be a family day- church, then hanging out and watching oldest son in a hardball tournament.

  3. YUMM!!!! Those look awesome!!!! We're making chocolate chip cookies today for my hubby. : )


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