11 June 2007

Prayer Request for Grace

My friend Kate has a daughter, Grace who has truly lived up to her name. Her entire life has been one medical battle after another, but if you met her, you would never know it. I remember her as the little girl in Children's Church and Thursday night church (yes, our church was weird) who would hold her head back to deal with allergies. Grace has been through surgeries, daily shots, cancer treatment, overcame hearing loss to learn to speak and read, and the latest medical obstacle to overcome is that she needs a kidney transplant. She is scheduled to have a catheter put in today to begin dialysis. Tomorrow is her 14th birthday. Please pray for God's healing touch on Grace, His guidance of the surgeon's hands, and His provision for all of her needs. If you would like to see picture of this beautiful girl, her mom posted some here!


  1. thanks for letting us know so that we can pray too. Man, these brave kids could teach us a lot!

  2. my thoughts and prayers will be with grace and kate and their family...
    what an amazing girl...

  3. About the time I start feeling sorry for myself and the A/C being busted, I'm reminded that there are indeed others, who are facing SERIOUS things in life! Will say a prayer!


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