28 June 2007

Who Says This Stuff

Overheard a teenage boy today saying, "They say if you can tie a string in a knot in your mouth with your tongue it means you're a good kisser."

I ask you, who are they and why the heck do they say this stuff?


  1. Okay, if I was a teenage girl and I heard a guy say he could do that with his tongue, I'd RUN!!!! Yuck! Who wants their tonsils tickled? Honestly, have "they" ever heard of Gene Simmons from KISS? Gross me out!

  2. Well, I guess it means you have good tongue control. I have had a few kisses where that tongue was just out of control, and it was pretty gross! Maybe it's true! I will have to practice with a piece of string today...

  3. I thought it meant you were good at other things besides kissing, but what do I know


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