13 June 2007

Raising Children - A Picture God is Painting

I know that after my post on Monday, it may seem that I am discouraged with my life as a stay-at-home, work-at-home, homeschooling - (get the picture? It all revolves around "home") mom? Nope - not the case - just having an overwhelming day and spouting off a bit to release pressure on my wee little blog. My friend Joanne says blogging is cheaper than therapy and I do so agree!
After yesterday's sunburn, we were all dipping ourselves in a vat of aloe vera, and trying not to be cross with one another, and in the midst of the events of the day so far I have witnessed the following:
  • brother does something that grosses sister out, sister gets angry & pushes brother & gets sent to her room, brother comes to express apologies for the thing he did to provoke the push
  • daughter who was having a tough time yesterday with mom asks me for index cards to write memory verses, and tape to post them at various places in her room, also asks mom for scripture references of some familiar verses and we look them up together
  • daughter does chores she would rather not do & brother that was pushed earlier by same sister helps her out
  • siblings all reclining in living room to watch Quantum Leap and eat ice cream to cool the heat rising off of sunburn "together"
When I get overwhelmed - I need to remember that it is all a process. We are painting a picture day by day in how we live with one another of God's redemptive love. Offenses and forgiveness. A separation and reconciliation. Eventually fellowship on all sides. I am so thankful and my heart is so full. Thank You Lord for revealing Yourself in even these little things!


  1. Its so nice when you have moments like that. Kids getting along, that is, not painful sun burn.
    Motrin is good too (for the burn not the kids :))

  2. aren't you glad you have a place to vent... knowing we have those overwhelming days too.. :o)

    it is a daily painting.. one brush stroke at a time..
    what a beautiful journey eh?

  3. Motrin might work for dealing with kids too!?! As a redhead, I am feeling for you with your sunburns. I have had some wicked ones in the past.

    It is a process, and I often remind myself to look at the BIg Picture.

  4. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is the very thing you mentioned. It IS cheap therapy! I also love the encouragement we receive as well as get to give, by connecting with other Christian women. It's internet pen-pals! Have a good one today and enjoy the kiddos. They grow up all too soon!

  5. Very well said. Thanks for sharing. ((Hugs))


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