24 June 2007

Addressing Questions of a Commenter

I got this comment from "Lia" earlier today - and since there is no blog linked - I thought I would take some time to address her concerns here - and maybe we can all learn.

Lia says >>

Isn't it a bit of a contradiction to say that a diet is slavery? Isn't overweight slavery too?
When the Bible tells us that everything God created is for our enjoyment, do you think God also meant eating so much that 25% of all Americans is overweighted and obesity is becoming a major health problem?

My response>>
It is definitely slavery to be overweight. No doubt. But it is no contradiction to say that dieting is also slavery. I was not saying dieting was slavery and obesity is not. However, the diet industry proves that rules and regulations have no impact on righting our hearts. That’s why the average woman in her mid-thirties has been “dieting” since her teenage years in one way or another. What we are coming against here is gluttony – pure and simple. The premise of this Bible Study is to learn to eat the way God intended – not excluding any particular type of food, but enjoying everything in healthy proportion. We will also be learning to recognize the symptoms of hunger and fullness.

I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves – as much of this is explained through the weeks of study. Anyone interested is invited and welcome, but know that it is settled in the hearts and minds of those of us leading the study that what we will learn is truth.

Thanks Lia - great questions! Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

  1. It is possible to become enslaved to just about anything in this world! Whatever we focus the majority of our time and energies on is the "object of our desire". If we don't keep balance in our lives, than we can idolize relationships, dieting, over-eating, spending....the list goes on. Eventually those things can enslave us! God is very clear that He is to be the #1 priority in our lives. Whatever we idolize, eventually becomes our master. Jesus came to set us free and while we are Believers, we act like we're still in chains! (Guilty hand right here!)


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