16 June 2007

Answered Prayer

Let me brag on God's goodness for a minute here, and tell you what a humongous deal it is that we got to be a part of what He was doing. Kendra has a friend named Michael that we met at the beginning of the year. He is a high-energy, fun-loving guy, but there was a darkness about him. We were struggling first with wanting her to maintain a friendship with him, for fear of it causing her to stumble, but instead of doing anything, Kendra and I committed to praying for him. More recently, my other daughter, Kaitlyn started having a recurring dream about Michael being attacked by demons. She had it over and over. She was sitting at the island in the kitchen last Saturday telling Kendra and I about it - when.he.called to see if he could come by. She said she knew that God wanted her to pray with him, but she didn't want to. Not because she didn't want to pray for him, but because she is the shier of the two girls, and putting herself out there like that is not something that comes naturally to her. When he got here Kaitlyn told him about her dream and asked if she could pray with him, so four of us in our kitchen put our hands on him and she prayed with a sincere heart for this friend. It was so awesome to see her obey in something that was difficult. But the best part of all is Michael couldn't wait to come over and share with us all that God had taught him through the week when he was at camp. He stopped by on his way to work this afternoon and came in carrying his Bible! I can't explain how I know but he was just different. You could feel a lightness in his presence and see it in his eyes, and he was excitedly telling us all about all the things that he has come to understand over the past week. Praise the LORD!


  1. That is awesome. Prayer is so powerful! Great to have those faith affirming experiences with your kids!

  2. that is so awesome! not only the changes in him.. but that your daughter listened to the Lord.

    and the doughnuts look delicious!! you've officially made me make a trip to the grocery store so i can make some...
    thanks.. :o)~


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