10 June 2007

A Little Blessing to Share

All of my children love to draw. It has always been of the utmost importance to have plenty of paper, good pencils and a pencil sharpener available. Since we started homeschooling I have had one of those crank pencil sharpeners like we had in school fastened to our wall. One of my children shows a particularly acute interest in art - specifically drawing, and much natural talent, although she doesn't realize it. Her birthday is coming and I was thinking how much I wish that we could afford to get her a good drafting table. You know, the kind with the tilting top, where she had plenty of space to spread out and draw to her little heart's content. A few weeks ago a neighbor came over and said something along the lines of, "If you like to draw, my father-in-law has a drafting table he is giving away!" My brother-in-law, who loves to encourage their artistic aptitude, being an artist himself, jumped on that and went to see it that afternoon. He said it was a good sturdy table, and that he wanted Kaitlyn to have it for her room so he said we'd take it! Travis and the neighbor went to pick it up today - and she got quickly to work. When she sat down to draw the first time, she said she felt that there were others who were much more deserving of such a great place to draw - and I think that heart is why God gave it to her!
I am always so amazed when God allows blessings like this. Just this morning I heard a speaker on the radio say that God wants to give us more that what we are trying to take for ourselves. (I think I misquoted - but you get the jist!) He is so good to us, and He doesn't have to be. How cool is that?
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  1. What does she like to draw? I'm just curious. Have you seen the beautiful artwork of Johannah Bluedorn? I thought of her when I read your post and I wondered what your daughter's creative bent is.

  2. God is so awesome! Encouraging children to explore their talents and gifts from God is so much fun. The gentalman that gave it to her will be happy to see her talent develop while she is using his table.

    I use a few sewing items that I got at estate sales, I always ask "grandma" to help me when I get in a pinch and need a little mental help.

    I can't wait for you to share some of her talent.

  3. It is so great that God knows our desires. Your daughter sounds like she has a great attitude.

  4. get her to sign up for the illustration friday! i would love to see her work...
    i love her heart.. :o)


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