23 June 2007

More of Him, Less of Me

Years ago, I went through a Weigh Down Workshop. I lost 30 pounds while doing the study, but more than that, I realized that dieting was a lie. In God's word over and over again He tells us that food rules don't restrain our appetites, and that everything He created is for our enjoyment. Dieting is slavery - and it is likened to being stuck in the desert after being freed from Egypt. This was amazing stuff. I totally got it.
Then there was "the controversy". Don't you know that is just what the old devil needed to try and steal truth from me. But just like my friend, Helen says, (insert Kentucky twang here) "The truth is the truth even if a liar speaks it!" Let me clarify that I am not saying that anyone is a liar - I am just saying that the truth is still the truth, regardless of what is thought about the one speaking it. So, around we go again.
I blogged about my struggle with my weight not long ago, and my friend Sandy told me about a lady who had put together some of the concepts of that study, and we conspired to work on it together. Having support is super. Having accountability is even better yet. So here we are, wanting to get started - and then there were three - my non-blogging friend Carol wants in too.
Anyhoo, we want to start a yahoo group for support of this Bible study, called More of Him, Less of Me - or maybe Less of Me, More of Him. I am certain it is not More of Me, Less of Him - although sometimes isn't that the case?
The study is free of charge, and we want anyone interested to participate. I am hoping that we get started this Tuesday or Wednesday. Please comment here and leave your email to let me know you want to participate. You will have to have a yahoo account in order to do so on the Yahoo group site.
Here's looking for more of Jesus in you!


  1. Sign me up! Weigh Down Workshop principles is the only way I have ever been able to consistently lose weight.

    karen at woodward-family dot com

  2. Sounds interesting and things aren't going well weight loss wise for me on my own, so I'd love to sign up.


    ps your new pic looks good

  3. You know I'm in. LOL. This was such a great idea to put it on the Internet, and I already have a yahoo account. :-)

  4. ok- I don't know what a yahoo account is- I might have one and just not know it! This sounds great- I am interested too as even though I am not needing to lose a lot, I know that I eat when stressed. I would like to sign up when I figure out how...

  5. Isn't it a bit of a contradiction to say that a diet is slavery? Isn't overweight slavery too?

    When the Bible tells us that everything God created is for our enjoyment, do you think God also meant eating so much that 25% of all Americans is overweighted and obesity is becoming a major health problem?


    Maybe the fact that people want to (need to) diet is one of the concequences of Fall


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