12 June 2007

50 SPF is no Match for the Texas Sun!

Man oh man! We went to Galveston Island today with Kendra's friend, Allen and his mom, my newfound friend, Sherri. We had a really good time. The beach was covered with seaweed in uncanny amounts - read this news story from 2005 about it. Evidently it is a recurring problem. It was absolutely everywhere. But that didn't stop the kids from enjoying the Gulf Beach. We had 50 SPF sunblock, and reapplied it several times a day - and we all have sunburn. I know it would be much worse without it - but I can't believe how little effect it seems to have had. It is no match for this intense Texas sun! Blackberry merlot seems to be the best sunburn tonic at the moment!


  1. newfound friends, uncanny amounts of seaweed, sunburn, and blackberry merlot..
    sounds like a fantastic time..

  2. We used to have that seaweed on Newport beach, it would get really stinky after it sat out in the sun for several days...but who cares, its the beach, right?!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day, even with the burn and the seaweed.

  4. I think I'd sue the sunblock company! I hate to be sunburned and I'm a fanatic about using sunscreen. I'm glad you had a good day with friends. Hope you all heal up soon.

  5. My best Texas friend grew up in Galveston so one year she and I and her kids along with my 2 youngest, went down to stay at her mom's house over Spring Break. The water was cool but my kids had a blast since they had never been to the beach before. (We are Mountain people). We rode the ferry over to Port Boliver and hit the Strand shopping. Lynette's great grandmother was a little girl when the 1904 hurricane came ashore and killed thousands of people. She survived because she made it to the church which was on some of the highest ground on the island. It was the tsunami of their day! Not long after that, they built the seawall. Sunburns are no fun!

  6. When I lived in Houston, we spent a lot of time in Galveston. I'd love to see it now, I've heard it's much more developed.

  7. One of the times we went to Galveston last year, we had gone after a spell of rain and before they had combed a lot of that seaweed off the beach.

    Our MAJOR problem-- MOSQUITOES!!! They bit my poor baby's nogging a million times in just a few minutes. I thought he had dumped dirt on his head, but when I walked over I saw this massive swarm of giant, dark, blood-sucking monsters all over his pretty blonde head. His whole head swelled up like a watermelon! These were the swamp mosquitoes that you can't shoo away but have to WIPE away-- they hurt when they bite, have icky striped bodies and are just plain horrid.

    I was planning on going to Galveston soon but I think I'll wait for a really long dry spell first... ICK!


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