28 June 2007

Writer's Blog

Lately, I have not been posting as much on my blog. It isn't because there isn't stuff going on, or that I am not thinking about blogging or writing. The thing is that what I really want to do, my heart's desire is to write a book. So I have a confession to make. Lately, I've been holding out on you. Instead of writing a couple paragraph blog entry, I've been jotting random thoughts into a writer's notebook. Believe me I have tons and tons of random thoughts and only seem to capture about one-third of them in my handy-dandy notebook. I have also been doing a lot more reading than usual. It seems that I have a propensity for neglecting that part - and yet, I've heard over and over that reading is a good way to spark your inner-writer. Yesterday, I was trapped (ah, much to my delight!) at a Borders for two hours while we waited for my friend who was taking a test in Houston and I discovered a book in the religion section by Anne Lamott! And the there was coffee - I was in heaven. (I think I have Stockholm Syndrome now and wish I could be held captive there again!)
I have always hesitated to call myself a "writer" because it sounds arrogant. If someone would ask what I've written, I would mainly only be able to point them to this blog - and it's crazy ramblings. Not much literary genius. Oh yeah, and then there is this - but that's not the kind of writing I really want to do. I think I've decided that consistently throughout my life, the one thing I have always loved to do is write. The first birthday present as a child I ever remember getting that I was thrilled about was a diary. In later years, after a messy divorce and custody battles, nobody encouraged much writing for fear I would write about them. But I am a writer. I love to write, and I will write. It seems delusional - and I fear rejection - which is why I haven't endeavored to do more than writing for myself. But enough of that. I throw caution to the wind.
So if I'm holding out on you on this blog - you'll know why. Don't think I won't be posting - I'm just saving some stuff for myself for right now!

Now I need some affirmation - do y'all think anybody would ever want to read what I write?


  1. Julie,

    I would read your book. And I think that you are a gifted writer. Thanks for reading my blog and inspiring me to do more than just excitedly check your blog each day for new posts. It's funny how I even found your blog to begin with and now I feel like we're buds!

    May God bless your writing endeavors. And did I mention that I snarled at the thought of another mom able to spend a couple of hours in a Borders with a cup of coffee?!?


  2. I absolutely laughed at the question at the bottom - because my answer was: It depends on what you're writing about. *L* Not helpful, I know.

    But I will tell you this - if you have a passion to write about something - there WILL BE someone to read it!!!

    So WRITE!!

  3. You need no affirmation as the words won't stay inside you as evident by the verbose writing in your blog. Let me know when you're ready for investors.

  4. Since this is only the second time I have been to your blog, I can't say that I know you, but I will say that if God has placed this desire in your heart, you can do this! Don't worry about man's approval, just do what you are led to do.

  5. i think you're definitely a writer. say it loud say it proud woman!

    follow your dream..

    and i saw that you published the e-book!!! congrats! i am sorry i didn't get your email until yesterday.

  6. Oh girl, I am so where you are. Currently, I have been focused on a book about going from public school to homeschool, because there is a gap there. By the way, I am half way through what you sent. Email ya more about that tonight when I finish it.

    I truly believe, that there is time for everything. What I am learning about blogging, is that it is just another resource. If I were to stop blogging today, there would be a few people who would email. And fretfully, those would die away as their lives continue to spin. No one would ever miss a single typed word. BUT with writing and having a book printed (I am looking at self publishing for this particular book) there is something about the permanence of print.

    Keep Writing! Check out the Julia Cameron's Artist's Way. FANTABULOUS!

  7. you ARE a writer, you ARE!!
    Just because you have not been published and put on NY Book Review or introduced at ABA, that does not define you.
    God put that into you and it can be expressed and enjoyed in lots of ways.


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