01 June 2007

Scattered Observations

Okay, this morning when I looked at myself in the mirror, I mean really looked at myself - I was a little frightened.
First of all I noticed that if you have a large head, you should not have big hair. Unfortunately for me, I have a hubby who is in love with the 80s (mid-life crisis I think) and whenever my hair isn't big, he thinks I am sick. Anyhoo, I have been growing it out and I think that the longer it is - the less huge my head looks.
Second, I decided to retire the nightgown I was wearing. I guess I am of the school of thought that if it doesn't have any major holes where parts that nobody wants to see stick out, then I am in good shape. However, I noticed a tear at the top - that I'll attribute to my hubby and not explain further (let your imaginations go wild - and know it is probably not nearly that interesting or scandalous), and secondly there is a stain of an unknown origin on the front. I looked at myself and thought, "my husband looks at this and wonders where the woman he married actually lives!"
What has happened to me?
In some ways I know I've let myself go - although I try to be at least clean. Yes, clean can be my minimum standard of acceptability - however, I think it is time to aim for much higher! So I am headed out to do errands today - grocery shopping, the bank, the pharmacy, etc. and while I am out, I am going to buy a new nightgown. I did finally put makeup on for the first time in about three days.
And recently I have had a renewal of my complexion. A friend of mine in WV is a consultant for Arbonne. It is a skin/healthcare company. I have been using their entire facial care line for aging skin - and it is like a whole new me. Let me just say that their eye cream is like a miracle in a tube. I had gotten to the place that my eye makeup was running toward my chin by noon every day - and this stuff makes my eyes a little more like the tight skin around the eyes of my teenage daughters. It is awesome. Pricey but well worth it! If you are interested - email me at julientexas at sbcglobal dot net and I can hook you up!
Is anybody else in this rut? Let's help each other out of it. I want to feel good again. Drop some pounds, tidy my overall appearance. It seems that life, and kids, and house, and pets, and family and animals take a higher priority - as it should be - but I have to find some little niche for taking care of myself.


  1. I'm sure it's not nearly as bad ( or as interesting!) as you make out, but I do know where you are coming from. I tried my hair short so it would be easier to keep tidy with lots of little kiddos about, but hubby hates it! (and so do I really!) And I'm working at the moment on loosing weight and getting some decent clothes. That is an expense that seems to be on the bottom of the list all the time. I kept telling myself that I'd take more interest when the kids got older - like teenagers. LOL! Well, listening to you it sounds like it doesn't get any easier so I might as well take the plunge now. Thanks for the shot in the arm!

  2. If only I could get rid of my nasty naturally 80's big curly frizzy hair. Alas, while some products can tame it for a while I have yet to find anything that can help me out at hte pool or the beach. Sigh.
    I finally retired a men's X-large T-shirt in an originally ugly color now covered in bleach stains that I had been wearing to bed for years. It was so big that it was actually uncomfortable, yet still I persisted in wearing it. I am sure Richard will be happy not to see the ugly thing again. He was happy years ago when I retired a pair of sweatpants that had every color of paint that I had ever used in the house on them. ANd holes too. Yep, I know how to dress!
    Let me know if you are aware of anything to get rid of the huge black circles under my eyes. I am tired of people asking me if I am tired! Let me say once and for all, no I am not tired, I just genetically got the eyes of a raccoon. And big hair. Help.

  3. oh sister, I can soooo relate to your post today!
    Nightgown?!? What's wrong with the old t-shirt?!?
    Makeup, I thought it was against the rules to wear it every day!
    New clothes, not if there aren't any holes!

    I am in a process of evaluation at this point. There isn't an area that I don't need to address, so I am starting out one step at a time. Cause if I jump into it in all areas, I will get burned out fast.

    I look forward to reading about your progress!

  4. I am trying to drop some pounds. I've been on a diet for the past 2 days and I haven't had coke since Sunday. I hate dieting.

  5. Wait till you hit 50....it's like painting a pig.

  6. Julie, I know *EXACTLY* where you are at the moment. I had a gift card to Kohl's and bought myself 2 cotton nightgowns Mother's Day weekend and my husband is still commenting on them! I was cooking pancakes this morning and when he came into the kitchen, he said, "You look so cute in your new nightgowns!" I know he appreciates when I try to look good for him.

    And, Arbonne ... I totally agree. I bought the whole kit and when I was using it, my skin was totally different than it is now since I quit. I need to order a few items and get back to using it daily and to taking off my makeup at night, too. Email me your consultant friend's info as I may buy from her!

    When I finally get my body to where I want it weight- and tone-wise, I'm going shopping at my favorite store, Christopher & Banks!

  7. exactly why i have no mirrors in my home... :o)~
    ok.. i do have one.. in the bathroom..but i avoid it at all costs.

  8. I love Arbonne! I am a consultant myself...although I really don't sell it to anyone else, just signed up for ze 30% discount. It is an amazing product-- better be for the price, but well worth it! I like it so much, that I am willing to PAY for it instead of using the FREE stuff my sister can get me (she works for MAC cosmetics in NYC-- tons of Estee Lauder, Clinique, Origins, etc too).

    Anyhow, my aforementioned beautiful sister that lives in New York City once said to me It is just as easy to put on something nice as it is to put on something ugly! I then gave her free reign to clean out my closet. Out of all my "nothing wrong with it" shirts, I had TWO left in the closet. But they were the two that I would often wear and feel really pretty in. Another good thing is that the closet was decluttered and I knew exactly what I needed to get a really good, basic wardrobe going.

    And regarding the hair, resist the urge to go big and if dear hubby asks if you're not well, just say Yes, honey. Would you get me a Starbucks and massage my feet? ;)

    Have a great Sunday, my friend!

  9. I don't sell it, but I am signed up with Arbonne to get their 30% discount. Coffee Mom uses it too. It is good stuff.


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