06 June 2007

Turning it Around

I had a good friend tell me once that my husband and I were so blessed with the gift of laughter. It is one of the things I remember loving about him the most when we first met was that he always made me laugh. Of course, I was very young, and as we had children and the responsibilities of life crept in, for several difficult years, I didn't find him so funny anymore. Our marriage was headed directly for divorce-ville, at Nascar speed. Somewhere along the way, God changed me, and I learned to laugh with him again and this has made all the difference in our marriage.
This morning he woke me up about 10 seconds before he had to leave for work (2 hours before I had to get up) and needed some help. I couldn't even get my brain to acknowledge that I was awake, and in a bit of a huff (hair standing straight up on top of my head) I said, "Why did you ask me for this last night?" which we all know is totally unproductive. His answer was, "Well you were too busy laughing." I let it go at that point, knowing that we were both being irrational, assisted him the best I could and let him leave. About 15 minutes later I called and was clarifying some things about what was happening after work, and he seemed calmer, so I was asked him if he didn't know that no matter what I was doing, he could interrupt me to help him, and what was up about the "too busy laughing" comment. He started to crack up and said, "You're NOT allowed to laugh! Bwaaahahaha!" obviously realizing the ridiculousness of what he had said.
This laughter is a gift from the Lord. It turns things around over and over again. Thank you God! Help us chuckle our way through old age - together!

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  1. i meant to say this on your post about romance.. but i think for me laughter is romance. loved this post girlie.


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