03 June 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

I haven't blogged much this busy weekend. The end of the month came last week which means invoice time at work. I was working on those Friday night until the wee hours of the morning.
There is a young man named Alan who has been showing some interest in Kendra. They met through a mutual friend - and we were excited to hear that he is a Christian. However, we were a bit concerned that first, we don't know him at all and secondly that he is 18 years old. The not knowing him was a bigger issue than the age thing to be honest. He came over Friday night to meet us, and brought his mom so we could meet her as well. She invited us to a church that I had been curious about - and we went this morning and really liked it. He seems like a very nice young man - and he has good taste in girls. While we aren't allowing her to "date" yet, we are open to any young man of good moral character spending time with our family and getting to know all of us more. Only the guys worth having anyway are going to put up with the Forsythes for very long!
So I have been too busy for deep thoughts. I have had a lot of them - but I cannot keep track, and as usually happens, as soon as I have 2 uninterrupted minutes on the computer - all thoughts are gone!
Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. OH! Break my son's heart!!!

  2. What a nice looking boy! I'm very impressed that he brought his mother over. What happened to the neighbor boy?

  3. it is impressive that he brought his mother over.. one of the things i found with my son dating was getting to know the parents.. the kind of relationships they had with their own kids.. helped so much in the fear of letting him date.

    and alan does have fabulous taste in girls.. :o)~


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