07 June 2007

Weighed on the Scales, and Not Found Lacking

I got on the scale yesterday and almost croaked. It isn't that I didn't know that I have continued to steadily put on pounds - but it was just almost THE highest number I have ever seen. It was a pretty huge wake up call. I have got to do something. I started out this week walking with my neighbor - we have been walking every day even in extreme humidity. I am glad I have been doing that but the bottom line is that I love to cook and I love to eat! But I feel yucky, tired, heavy, worn down and worn out. I was prompted to weigh myself because even the "fat" end of the clothes that I have are getting tight and short and frankly look like I'm wearing something I took out of my daughters' closets. Usually I tend to think - I am NOT buying any more clothes until I lose a few pounds, hoping my hideousness will be a motivator. This time I decided that if I feel bad about myself - it will exacerbate the problem, so I went shopping. I bought some new clothes and a bathing suit. I don't like shopping and especially hate clothes shopping, but found some nice things and didn't spend too much money. I also went alone - which anybody that knows me will know what a tremendous accomplishment that is!
Please pray for me - and share with me any advice, suggestions, scripture, etc. that you think may help me here!


  1. Those numbers can be scary! Last week, all of us started on the Sanoma diet. Basically, it's health food - whole grains, lots of veggies, lean meats. No white stuff at all - pasta and bread with white flour, white rice, potatoes, sugar. The first 10 days is more strict and you can't have any fruit. You also lose more during the first 10 days. I've lost 5 pounds in a week and I have only been about 90% faithful to the diet. It's been really helpful to have everyone eating the same things.

  2. Karen is right, avoid all the yummy white stuff, that includes vanilla ice cream too I'm afraid! While I love your choice of words (hideousness) I'm quite sure you're not!

  3. Join the club - I've got no advice - ICK.

  4. We too are now having a healthier diet of whole foods and no processed or refined foods! This has me more concentrating on our health than on 'dieting to loose weight'. If we change our whole way of eating the weight starts to drop bit by bit and we are overall more healthy, so I have felt better about myself even before the weight started shifting. Last week I finally got below the weight I was when I got pregy with son #2!!! (he's only 5!!!) Now I have 10 pounds to got to get back to what I was when I fell pregy with son #1. That is my next target! The other thing I found that helped was to 'allow' myself about 200-250 calories of 'treat' a day. Whatever I was craving - chocolate, chips, cake, a donut - whatever it was I was allowed a *little* of it. When I wouldn't allow myself anything at all I would go mad and binge eat a whole packet! By 'allowing' myself to have a little, some days I didn't even have a treat - it was just OK that I knew I could if I wanted to. I know that may sound strange, but it is a psycological thing I think! If you tell me I can't , I'll want it even more! I guess it is the wicked side of me. LOL!

  5. You know, Julie, I have tried many diets that work for me--Weight Watchers, South Beach, Maker's Diet--but in the end, the weight comes back and I have to conclude that my problem is that I LOVE food. I turn to food for comfort, when I have to do something I don't want to do, and so on. Finally, several months ago when I was so sick and tired of all this yo-yoing up and down on the scale, and wanting to keep the weight off but not give up the foods I LOVE,I decided it was time to give up the struggle and turn to the Weigh Down principles again. It's hard without a support group, but I really wanted that freedom of not having to go from diet to diet anymore. So, I did the 12 weeks on my own. Actually, I didn't use my original workbook because of all the controversy about Gwen, but I used a Bible study that was put together by one of my Weigh Down instructors who didn't want to throw the baby out with the bath water when her church stopped sponosring Gwen's workshop. I had helped her edit her workbook, and so I have an electronic copy, and permission to share. It's called "More of Him, Less of Me," and I'd be happy to e-mail you a copy if you want.

  6. I think that is the funniest blog title. I am giggling as I type!

  7. hideousness? girl you are not hideous!
    i love to cook too.. and when we changed our diet here (about three years ago) i found that i love to cook even more because i really have to be creative sometimes.
    actually i hate the word diet. we call it a lifestyle change. when i started i used a cookbook by dr. ted broer. i think you can google him... but he doesn't really give much info just sells his cookbooks.. i have the maximum energy cookbook and train up a child in the way he should eat. they are more than just cookbooks.. there's tons of info on all kinds of foods to avoid and foods to replace them with. (it's biblical too)
    i loved it. now i can look at any recipes and alter them to fit our diets.
    i'd be glad to share anytime.

    you can do it girl.. i'm here for ya.. :o)


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