11 June 2007

Scrap Happy - Week 8

Hey all you scrappers! I have still not gotten my Photoshop program reloaded onto my computer since my crash - so I have no new pages to share! I am going to however share a page with you that I made last April:
I know that there are all sorts of products now that are for scrappin' your recipes - but this was an original idea of yours truly! My girl loved this Shrimp Scampi recipe so much that I made it for her on her birthday. It was when we had our house for sale in West Virginia - and the day I made it our realtor stopped by and said, "Oh my gosh that smells so good. I can smell it all the way to the car!" I chose paper colors to match the shrimp - and found the clip art online! I hope you will scrap some of your recipes and share them with me! YUM!
Now get scrappin'!


  1. That's a really cute page! I also LOVE Kendra's shirt! That is great :-)

  2. Kendra's shirt really is great! I am going to try that recipe with prawns, as that is what my hubby is fishing right now. (Basically they are big shrimp). looks yummy.

  3. i love this... i just "passed down" to blondie my chinese chicken recipe.. she is now in charge of helping me whenever i make it. i will have to take pics and try this idea for a page.
    i so love your stuff.. :o)

  4. Great idea for a recipe page. I will have to have Hannah check that out. We'll have to be sure to take pictures next time she makes one of her recipes.

  5. YUMMM!! I'm so hungry now! LOL!


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