03 June 2007

Kitty Cat Update

Okay, you're gonna gush! Are you ready for this? Here is my new feline baby. My kids do NOT want me to call her Callie, so we need a name. I'll be taking suggestions. She was inside my bathroom today sitting on some clean linens when I was able to snap this picture. She has the best - absolute best personality of any cat I've ever had - and I am totally in love with her. We have also got homes for all of the others - so it has been a very good kitten experience for all of us. We are going to let this one grow up and have a litter before having her fixed as well - they will probably be absolutely precious!
Help me give not-Callie a name. Suggest away!


  1. I think Callie is cute, but if it's a no go, how about Katie?

  2. How about another wonderful "K" name like Kami.

  3. I like the name Dixie. That was the first name that popped into my mind when I saw your picture. She's absolutely beautiful. Check out one of our two kitties on my blog with Mary.

  4. She reminded me of a cat I once knew called Calico- that is close to Callie. If you call it Katie, after Coffee Mom, then you should use my name too- Katie Jane. That's kinda cute, but probably not for a cat. It's late, and I am getting weird.

  5. Playing catch up on the last 3 posts:

    I hear you about appearances. I liked the comment on the rip in the nightgown it gave me a grin! I don't wear make up hardly ever since I clean houses. I get so sweaty and grimy and besides, my hubby wouldn't be there to appreciate it anyway! I can't even remember the last time I straightened my hair! What's the point withall of the rain we've had anyway!

    Alan sounds impressive but remember I can always arrange a meeting between her and my son Charles! Tee Hee!

    I don't think I have enough creative juices flowing through my brain this morning (despite the coffee) to come up with anything intelligent. Since she looks so sweet though, it has to be a really cutie-sy name!

  6. What a beautiful kitty! I cannot help you with the name right now. My mind is blank. She is so pretty she needs a very special name.

    Our kitten (ok she is over a year, but in comparison to the rest of the animals in our house she is a kitten), Midnight, is going to have kittens. I have been keeping low keyed over it. I don't want the kids mauling her. I think she will be having them when we are gone, which is concerning me. I will have to have Jim keep a close eye on her when he is around.

  7. she's beautiful!!

    how about katie jane fatty?

  8. That kitty is absolutely adorable!!!!! I just want to snuggle her! LOL!

    I like the suggestion of Katie.


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