10 June 2007

ATTENTION Homeschoolers - Help Wanted

I am working on an ebook to assist homeschoolers in planning their own co-op. Part of that book is going to be a list of suggestions for classes that might be hosted at a local co-op. If you have ever participated in a co-op, of have even thought of participating in a co-op, what are some classes that you have seen offered? What are some of the kinds of classes you have most enjoyed? What kind of classes have you thought you would like to teach if only the proper resources were available?
Some of the classes that I have seen taught ranged from Drama, Etiquette for Young Ladies, and a Castle class where the kids learned all about the structure of castles and built a large one with sugar cubes, to a Detective/CSI class.
Please share your ideas with me. I would so appreciate it. Let's get each other fired up this summer about some fun things to join forces on for the coming school year!


  1. I've taught the following:
    -Latin/Greek Roots
    -The Human Body
    -Educational Board Games

    I've helped with:
    -Science puzzlers (kids are given a problem and have about 30 minutes to figure it out)

    Other popular classes we've had - drama, American Girl, Little House on the Prairie, sign language, knitting, Spanish, Bible Studies.

    Good luck!

  2. We were involved in a co-op here when we were on furlough. We weren't real regular and they just let us come whenever we happened to be in town. Holly took:
    -Community helpers - they had an ambulance come one week and one time there was a group of Christian bikers that shared in her class. They also had a missionary speak - guess who!
    - Beginning guitar
    - PE

    Hannah took:
    - Answers in Genesis
    - Drama
    - Beginning Sewing

    Gabe took:
    - College and career They talked about test prep and testing, filling out applications, different careers, etc.
    -Tools and Stuff - this was kind of interesting. Each dad or grandfather would come in and share about his hobby or job. One guy came in with a bunch of camping gear. I think he had some technological stuff that Gabe found interesting.

    We came home too late to get involved for this past school year. Holly's friend went and was taking Spanish and typing. I've seen ballet offered in a co-op somewhere too.

    You know that my dad is a Gideon. He likes to go every year and hand out Bibles to the homeschool group. So perhaps that is a suggestion you can make.

    Sounds like a fun project Julie. I hope this info helps!

  3. The other comments covered a lot. We don't have a co op in our area, but here are some things that some of the homeschoolers have done, plus some more ideas:

    *wrote and put on play for local daycare, science experiments, with proper scientific method write-ups, baking, Victorian tea and etiquette, nature walks, nature journals, physics workshops- building bridges and structures,etc, etc- that is all I can think of right now.


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