06 June 2007

Me and Beth

I don't want to brag or anything, but you know Beth Moore, that lady Bible teacher - well we go way back. She is a woman of deep theology, with witty sayings like, "....in Texas we believe the higher the hair, the closer to God." The first time I heard about Beth Moore was years ago at a Women of Faith conference. No she wasn't there. I was stuck in a line for-ev-er next to a very hyper woman that really really loved Beth Moore Bible studies. She went on and on - she had done this study, and she had done that study. Her enthusiasm verged on like, somebody should call Beth Moore - we may have a stalker here.
(Rabbit trail - the last time I had felt like that was when a friend who sold Tupperware took me with her to a management meeting. Geesh the things I've had to go through after being lured by donuts and coffee! Picture the environment - podium at the front, facing rows of seats - typical lecture environment, yet a hush fell over the room not unlike the environment at church. There were testimonies, chanting, a lot of standing up and sitting down. These women were way too excited over the plastic things and their capability to belch air. Freaky.)
The woman's rambling took me back to that meeting - I was waiting for the plastic bowl to be put on my head and for somebody to spin me around. She rambled on and on (bless her heart!) about Beth Moore Bible studies, almost to the point of causing an aversion in me. I can be that way. I was none to happy to say goodbye to the overly zealous woman in need of some lithium when our turn came, and never thought of her again until the first opportunity came to participate in a Sunday School class where they were doing a Beth Moore study A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place. Guess what? I didn't take it. But I saw something happen in the ladies that I knew that were taking it - they were getting really excited about God's word. Not long after, I swallowed my pride and signed up for the Breaking Free study - and suddenly I understood the crazy lady in line. God is using Beth Moore in a mighty way to help grow women's hearts for His kingdom. I have taken a bunch of her Bible studies and am currently doing the one called David: A Heart Like His. It is awesome.
So if you have never participated in a Bible study by the delightful Mrs. Moore, I suggest you do so posthaste! Come on over here, I'll put the plastic bowl on your head and spin you around. And for those of you who don't already know it, Living Proof Ministries has a blog now! Beth and her daughter, Amanda write to inspire and encourage women - and let me tell you that apple didn't fall far from the tree! Don't miss Beth's PMS post, or Amanda's Do Over post! They're so real, and so over the top for the Lord.


  1. I have been reading LPM blog for a few months now. I'm still working on Believing God. I am currently side-tracked with a Max Lucado book "Just Like Jesus" Good stuff, I highly recommend it.
    I'll help you spin the new ladies and do some chanting. HA! that is too funny.

  2. I did A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place a couple of years ago. It was AWESOME! I am wanting to do another one soon. Thanks for the links. I'll check them out!

  3. breaking free was the first study i ever did of beth moore's. my neighbor thelma.. remember her? was the one who took me to it at her church. it was fantastic...

  4. I have done several BM studies and can only say that that woman is SERIOUSLY annointed by the Holy Spirit! Last fall I did Daniel and I hear she's wrapping up her newest one on ESTER! "Beloved Disciple" had a HUGE impact on me! I love her humility and willingness to be transparent. She would prostrate herself if it would gain one more follower of the Savior she and we, love!


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