21 June 2007

Update on Kaitlyn

Tomorrow we are heading off to the po-dunk-town hospital. I have never been there before, but it looks very teenie tiny - but sometimes those can be the best ones. It seems that when Kaitlyn had some bloodwork done on Tuesday, it showed that her blood sugar was low - and so the doctor is concerned that her sugar is too low or too high. We are going for a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. If you've had a baby, you likely had one of these where you drink the sickening sweet syrup, and just before you feel like you're gonna die, they take your blood and send you home. Anyhoo, pray that all is well - or that we can at least understand why she passes out. It is a scary thing!


  1. I hate that stuff. blech!!!
    I will pray that you find the reason for Kaitlyn's symptoms.

  2. Yuck on the syrup drink!
    We will pray for her today that everything comes back OK.
    The hospital that I had Danielle in was tiny - in fact I refused to have Alexandra there choosing to drive nearly 2 hours to a "good" hospital. Turned out the small one was excellent and I regretted all the time I'd wasted.

    Of course, then there is Jefferson...

  3. I hated that syrup! Ugh! Can't they just give you some triple fudge brownie with ice cream on the side dripped in fudge sauce or something like that??? I'm praying for Kaitlyn!

  4. This may be a silly question, but have they checked her blood pressure?


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