11 June 2007

What is Wrong With this Picture

Mom - feed the cat and kittens the second my eyes are open, make coffee, clean out kitchen sink from night before (even though I did it at midnight somebody still always sneaks something in behind me), throw in first load of laundry for the day, check email (work at home), bible study and prayer, blog, make bread, switch out laundry, sweep floor, check email, make lunch (today was mac & cheese), wash up any dishes, switch out laundry, cook dinner, serve dinner, check email, fold towels, cut husband & son's hair, sweep up floor, make lunches for tomorrow for everyone (we are having a day out and packing our lunch), pack clothes for tomorrow's beach trip, fold mountain of laundry, check email, and there's still 4 more hours to go in the day.......

Dad - work 8 hours (in all fairness - out in the hot Texas sun - but when the day is done - it is DONE), eat dinner, watch TV, get hair cut, hang out on computer, roll eyes when wife happens to faint in the middle of the most intense action of my game

Kendra - tidy bedroom, tidy bathroom, help with laundry (meaning mom reminds me to check it, and later I will say, "I did the laundry"), clean up after dinner with my sister, listen to music, walk with a friend, sit on front porch with friend and drink hot tea, talk on phone, step over mom who has fainted on the floor

Kaitlyn - tidy kitchen & unload dishwasher, draw, tidy bedroom, draw, fold some towels, draw, sit on porch and talk with sister and friend, draw

Kullen - feed dog, take out trashes, play GameCube, see mom fainted on the floor and ask if she wants to play "Sorry", pout when she doesn't answer, watch old episodes of Quantum Leap

I don't mean to be facetious - but do you ever feel like your life is to make all of their lives better, and that you rarely exist on some level? I know that God has asked me to put others more highly than myself, and most of the time I do it without effort, but there are some days when I feel like I am going to breakdown under the load.


  1. You certainly aren't alone! Whe the kids were little and I was a SAHM, I was tired and cranky most of the time it seems. Dave in those days wasn't on call like he is now. He'd come home and he'd put work behind him.

    We had several discussions about how he had his job and I had mine (the kids). After all, we are a product of the baby-boomer generation. His Mom stayed at home and raised Dave and his brothers while his dad went out the door every day and brought home the paycheck.

    I never could get him to understand that I was on call 24 hours a day. I never could put work behind me like he could.

    I eventually got through those tough years and God gave me the strength I needed, to meet the need at hand. I think being a Mom is the highest calling there is. We get little recognition or gratitude but when it DOES happen, it tends to recharge us for the task at hand a little bit longer!

    I see the writing on the wall. In just 2 short years, Charles will be getting ready for college and Laura may be moved out and on her own. I look forward to this chapter closing in my life but I will also be sad at the same time.

    I feel as though I'm approaching Indian Summer in the seasons of my life.

  2. Julie,

    I was having these feelings and thoughts THIS MORNING. It is as if you've climbed inside my house and spied on me! I walked downstairs this morning and GRUMBLED about the state of the kitchen, that seems to dirty itself without any help whatsoever. I only have SEVEN loads of laundry to do today, and the meals, and the diapers, and the .....

    I promise myself that when my kids are older that THEY will be doing the housework and I'll be sipping tea, but I get the feeling that I might be living in fantasyland.

    Here is a link to Johannah Bluedorn's artwork that I mentioned last time I left you a comment. I think you might enjoy a quick peek.


    I hope you find a minute today to savor the mountain in front of you. Mine will be a pile of laundry as big as the bed is wide waiting for me at naptime, and then again at bedtime!



  3. rarely exist? i'm a figment of my own imagination sometimes.. :o)~



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