29 June 2007

Prayer Is Not a Weapon Against Another Believer, and Other Rantings

In light of my last post, I am going to say that while I will save my goodies for my writing (did I mention I'm giving all of my faithful readers a FREE copy once I get published?? dream with me people!) I will never hold back on the rantings! Aren't you lucky?
Today I had a conversation with a family member, while sitting at my kitchen island, not wearing a bra, in my PJs feeling all vulnerable and was attacked by the expression "Well, I'll pray your eyes will be opened." Of all the infuriating things I've ever experienced, this is in the top 10. First of all, this is coming from a person claiming "spiritual maturity" - and yet it is THE most immature thing I think one believer can say to another. Maturity prays without a word to the person about it. Can I get an amen?
This same person is also always saying, in any conversation on spiritual matters that they've "already studied ALL of this stuff" and therefore indicating that they can benefit nothing from your participation in the discussion. Actually it's never a discussion, but a monologue and anything you have to say seems an interruption to the "wisdom" they are hoping to impart to you.
And here is the thing - maybe I don't get what that person is saying. (In this case I think it is ridiculous and a distraction from what God really wants us to focus on - BUT) Maybe there is nothing of benefit to me right now where I am in my life. Just like when my kids were babies - I didn't try to shove steak down their throats. Sometimes you have to wait for a person to cut their teeth in an area before they can chew on what you're serving up.
Anyway - I got the house pretty clean. The fury made me shake - and I swept the front porch, washed some dishes, swept and dusted the living room, cleaned up my son's room in a matter half an hour. Why do some people make it so hard to be with them?


  1. I'm right there with you! I can feel the indignation creeping up within me even though none of my family members would say this to me, YET. And just so you know, I will happily pay for my copy of Julie's first publication. I'll buy it at Borders and sit with a cup of coffee...

  2. i so understand where you are coming from..
    i think that's why the bible says to work out your own salvation... we are all in different places in our journey.. some crawling.. some learning to walk.. some jogging.. some at a full blown sprint.. our job is just for each of us to finish the race..

    by the way.. you are picking up the award aren't you? you know you rock..

  3. i am so glad that i read some of your archives today... LOVE THEM! you are an awesome writer, and more than that, i appreciate you putting some words to some of the things that i have felt when being confronted by a "more mature" christian... my goodness, what a bunch of self-righteous hypocritcal know-it-alls we are!
    Yay!!! You got your house clean, right? Way to "work it out"! :)


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