22 June 2007

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

One nasty sweet-flat soda, two phlebotomists, three hours, four times in the waiting room and five blood draws did for a very long morning make. There was a highlight – we saw Kathy and her mother Ms. Sylvia – a lady we attended church with that always walks around singing hymns that my husband said of, “That woman is a REAL Christian”. She was a bright spot. I also got halfway through Blue Like Jazz which I have been wanting to reread, and played a few rounds of “Golf” (our favorite card game thanks to my friend Lizbeth!) with my daughter. We also met a very sweet elderly man who challenged Kaitlyn to a race every time he passed us. He kept saying, “You’re not sick! Get out of here! Race me to the corner!” It was fun. Hospitals aren’t fun places, but there are times when they are necessary. The results of her blood test were supposed to be back this afternoon, but of course I can’t get in touch with anybody there! She had to drink the syrupy sweet drink and have her baseline blood draw – then she had her blood drawn twice at the half hour mark, and then twice at the one hour mark! She had a lot more needles than she anticipated going in, but she did very well with it. Now the waiting game.

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