04 June 2007

Scrap Happy - Week 7

Okay Scrap Happy participants, since your hostess is lame-o and didn't even get the meme up last week I am going to extend the contest deadline to this week! I am still going to offer a prize of $15 to your favorite online scrapbooking store -digital or otherwise. So let's get those pages posted.
Here is mine:
I made this page of my son wearing his daddy's welding hood. I thought this would get you inspired to make pages for Father's Day! It was the first attempt that I ever made at cutting a picture out. If you use Adobe Photoshop there are a bunch of great tutorials to help you with this online. I can't find the one I used since I lost all my bookmarks when my computer crashed - but I found this one that looks very user friendly! If you need help - email me and I will try to help you navigate the process at julientexasATsbcglobalDOTnet.
Post away Scrappers!


  1. i feel like a big "awwwwwwwwwwwww" coming on..
    how great is that...
    ok.. i've got to try something soon.

  2. Thank you so much for coming to my blog and reminding me to do this meme. I was going to blow it off because I was so stressed out...put it this way 25 Brownies ages 6-8, one trip to build-a-bear, lunch at the food court where each girl buys her own meal, and then a stop at the candy store where they spent their change on candy that needed to be weighed in order to know it's price. Need I say more? I got home and was ready to dig into so stress relieving yummies (something that I am working on through Overeater's Anonymous). I peaked at my email first and saw your note. I decided to do a layout so that I could participate in Scrap Happy. I instantly felt myself start to relax, without having to go grab myself some food! So thank you for reaching out to me. Just leaving that one comment made a difference in my day.


  3. Welcome back! Thanks for the reminder! I wish I was as good as you guys!

  4. That page is absolutely adorable!!! I love the picture being cut out. I need to learn to do that too. When I try, I can't get a clean cut out.

  5. I posted another recipe book page that I'm helping Hannah with. I'm going to try and do something with pictures for next week.

  6. Thank you for creating this simple, no strings challenge. I need this encouragement to learn to digi-scrap. I will enter my first layout ever. It is on my blog. It is done with the Aquastatic template (my first freebie) I made. I have tons of paper scrapping I would love to do, but I am so slow and indecisive. My goal for the digi is too get faster at this. Now I am falling in love with the digi too! So I made the freebie to give back some of what I have received. Jenny tried my template out (with awesome results) and told me about your site. Thank you to both of you. I like the layout you made!

  7. I forgot to say that I really like your blog and I am intrigued by all you have going on in it.


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