19 June 2007

Christian Radio Contradiction

I love Christian radio. Mainly I enjoy music - but somehow, likely God-ordained, the radio in my bathroom will not pick up the semi-local Christian music stations. It will however, pick up the Christian "teaching" stations - where all day long you can hear great men and women teaching God's word, while brushing your teeth,and "fluffing" (as my totally 80s friend Tina calls it) your hair. Yesterday on the Focus on the Family segment, they had a recorded broadcast of Frank Peretti! It was so awesome. He was a great speaker. Funny and real. If you can go to their website - don't miss it.
Yesterday my daughter Kaitlyn said how she thought it was curious that they were promoting the new Evan Almighty movie. While it is likely very funny - it seems a little wrong. I would like to see it - and can see the entertainment value in the "what if Noah lived today" scenario. But it does seem a little risky for them to promote this movie after Bruce Almighty.
Then this morning I heard a speaker - he was teaching about the woman at the well, and Jesus' offer to give her living water. He was explaining that every other well came up short - money, success, relationship, physical beauty - they would all be wells that ran dry. It was great - I was all pumped thinking - yeah! gimme some of that living water. Immediately following this segment came a commercial for a shop that does excellent body work on your vehicle. And this particular station is constantly full of diet and exercise programs, and home improvement shows. But - hey, you just told me that those things weren't important. And while I know they have to pay for their broadcasts somehow, it seems a frightening contradiction. My mind is renewed - and then slapped back down.
The worst worst worst one is a commercial about Christian publishing. It says something on these lines....."so you're a Christian author. once you finish that book you're working on, what are you going to do? PRAY it gets published." Ugh! I cringe everytime that one comes on. It is so unclear. I know that the mean don't JUST pray - and I understand that God doesn't want us to be passive - but it is so ugly the way they say it. Gross. Yuck.
Anyway - just my thoughts today. What do you think? Is Christian radio contradicting itself?


  1. We get a couple Christian stations here too, and that is what we listen to mostly- that or cd's. I don't find the commercials quite as "commercial" as what you described- I certainly don't hear them promoted the Evan Almighty anyways. That does sound a bit risky. I really enjoy Focus on the Family,as well as Family Life Today. Do you get their broadcast (FL Today)?

  2. Local stations, especially the ones not in some sort of network, need to pay for there radio airwaves anyway they can. So, you get the hokie commercials, no matter how it contradicts with the station. Listen to a local sports talk station thats not on the ESPN network and you here way too many hair replacement ads.

    Evan Almighty is a sequel to Bruce Almighty. Hence, the linkage.

  3. That's one reason I like K-Love. (You'll have to "Google" for one near you.) They are listener supported. So while they do have radio-thons periodically to get their money, there are no commercials and a lot more music.

    I'm curious to read Focus on the Family's review of Evan Almighty when it comes out. Actually, Bruce Almighty did give a lot of food for thought. If only they could have just left out all the garbage that came with it. *sigh* I can't, in good conscience, recommend BA. We'll see about EA.

    Have a great day!

  4. I haven't listened to Christian radio in years. I know there's a lot of good stuff along with the bad. Unfortunately, Christianity has become very commercialized. I'll see if I can check out that Peretti program. I love his books!

    Yes! You'll still be able to visit us on your next trip up! : )

  5. Sounds like it's worth listening to the once a year "share-a-thons" not to have commercials on the christian radio station.
    Yea WGH 91.9!

  6. I listen to my CD's mostly or when I do listen to the radio, it's KLTY (Christian music station) here in Dallas/Ft Worth. I have to tell you, I tune out the commercials for the most part but I will have to pay attention now.

    I doubt we'll see Evan Almighty at the theatre. I see from the trailers that there is some humor in it but it doesn't appear to be my kind of thing. I'll be interested to see what Christians say about it.

    We enjoy the FoxFaith films a lot and try to get to the theatres and see them as soon as they come out. "The Ultimate Gift" will be coming to DVD soon! Yippe! One of the best movies I've seen this year! That and "The Last Sin-Eater"!

  7. This post reminded me of this -
    While standing in line at a supermarket there was a tabloid cover that had pictures of very thin stars. In huge letters it said somehting about the health risks of these eating disorders and being too thin and then captioned the pictures with "so and so - 5" 7" 90 pounds" - you get the picture. Then right next to it there was a picture of Kelly CLarkson, who, while not skinny, is certainly not unhealthily fat and of course the caption was something derogatory about her weight.
    I notice in a lot of magazines there will be an article on losing weight by not eating carbs, sugar or whatever and then on the next page there will be recipes for chocolate cake with big glossy pictures to entice...
    Talk about contradictory. No wonder everyone is confused. You are a target no matter if you are skinny, fat, or in between. Everything you eat could be potentially making you fat, unhealthy or causing the world to heat up prematurely. Yikes.
    It isn't Christian radio, of course, I guess you would hope they would have a higher standard.

  8. I avoid the "christian" stations that have too much advertising. My most favorite one is KHCB 105.7 here in Houston. Totally listener supported and they have great programming like Unshackled, Stories of Great Christians, Revive Our Hearts, etc.

    Second for me is AFR's local station 88.3 and then 89.3 KSBJ. KSBJ is the most contemporary of the three.

    Anyhoo, I hope you find a good station that will encourage you and convince you to buy a ton of stuff!


    PS YES, I am planning on going to the THSC convention in August!!! Are you going?


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