15 June 2007

Ruth Bell Graham 1920-2007

Yesterday afternoon surrounded by her family and friends, one of the few women who could likely be called a saint in our day and time, left this earth bound for heaven. I was startled this morning when I read the news and heartbroken for her family who will certainly mourn her loss. When I watched the video on Fox News, a statement from her daughter was read, including several quotes that Mrs. Graham had made. It was so poignant, and being a lover of quotes - I will always remember fondly the woman who went counter-culture to model Christian womanhood:

Make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes.
~ Ruth Bell Graham


  1. I hardly ever watch the news, so I hadn't heard this. I so admire the Grahams- they are part of my childhood memories- my parents would watch the crusades on tv and I can remember my dad reading aloud some of her poetry.

  2. she really was an incredible woman..

  3. I went to their website and watched the video. It was beautiful and the poem at the end, written by her, said everything! Go here and see it if you haven't already!


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