14 June 2007

Yum! Yum! Spam Anyone?

Here's what you get when you reproduce with a man who loves SPAM! I can make homemade whole wheat bread, move away from soda and processed foods, reduce the amount of sugar that we are eating, but there are just certain things I can't seem to keep them from wanting! As long as they only eat it once in a while I guess I can strike a compromise!


  1. I don't think I have ever had Spam. I will have to come visit so I can try it :)

  2. oh my gosh my dad loves spam!! and vienna sausages.. i've never liked the spam but i can devour the sausages on crackers in a matter of seconds...

  3. I love fried spam!

    My daddy loves Spam as well-- spam salad, diced and scrambled with eggs, fried, spamburger... Spam is HUGE in Asia and used to be sold on the black market in Korea. Shhh...don't ask how I know that...

  4. BLECH!!!!!I hate the stuff! When Dave was a kid, his mother who hated to cook, gave them easy stuff like Spam and such for dinner. (Personally that sounds like child abuse to me!)

    Anyway, all of those wilderness fishing trips in Canada over the years, always consisted of Spam & Egg sandwiches for breakfast (my stomach is rolling at the thought of that!)

    He still likes the stuff. So much so that he found a recipe for Mince Meat Pie made with SPAM and asked me to make it. I haven't yet and that was at least 10 years ago!

  5. yuck, yuck, yuck!!! My mother used to feed that stuff to me as a kid. It still makes me gag thinking of it.


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