06 June 2007

I Don't Get It!

I know that the woman that just said this meant nothing sinister by it, but it made me scratch my head as I was leaving. I just dropped Kullen off at VBS at the church closest to our house. As I was leaving, one lady was saying to another, "There's nothing like 3 hours of free babysitting for your kids, huh?" I just don't get it. The public schools in our area just let out. Once the rounds of Vacation Bible Schools are over, these same women will be saying, "Oh, I can't wait for school to start again! These kids are driving me crazy!" Why do people have children? They are going to be children. As a homeschool mom, this is completely counter to my thinking - I hate it when my children are away. Yes, even on the days when they drive me crazy, I wouldn't want them anywhere else. Call me weird, say I can't cut the cord, act like I have attachment disorder - I don't care. This is where God has called me to keep them - and I will tarry on in spite of the mentality that children are something to "get rid of" that swirls all around me. I know a adult that told me once that their mother said often during their childhood, "I can't wait until you kids are grown!" and even at their age it still hurts. The message they got was that they were an inconvenience keeping her from the life SHE wanted to have. What parent doesn't lay aside some of their own plans and dreams to raise their children? I am still scratching my head. I just don't get it!


  1. As a parent, I always jump for joy at summer vacation from school. I love having the kids around, having them NOT have to study and stress. I always miss them when we're apart, even though we do always take time away just the two of us, and the kids are always away at this camp or the other. The beginning of a new school year is always a sad time for me.

  2. I have a friend who had children because it was what society thought she should do. You know, get married and have kids? It was the next "step" I suppose. Well it's not for her. She's a driven career woman who is marquerading as a stay at home mom. Her poor children are paying the price dearly! She is one who laments days off from school or summer vacation. It makes me so sad. I am like you, I love having my kids around and want to spend as much time with them as possible!

  3. I live in a nation that only takes a 6 week break for the summer, and keeps the kids in school as much as possible. They start school at 3 years of age and by 4 they are doing 5 full days a week!!! Then they put them into breakfast club and afterschool's club at school and pick them up in time for bed. And we wonder why England has the worst behaved young people in Europe? Go figure!! Consiquently (sp?)people think I'm REALLY strange to homeschool here! (Bbrrrwwwwaaahhhhhh! Don't let on that I really AM strange! LOL)

  4. thank you so much for praying for me. I had to go back to the hospital today. I have felt so awful.

  5. at least their kids are getting bible school for 3 hours...
    silver lining..

    their comments are very sad though...

  6. Just yesterday I was driving my 16 year old son home from a baby-sitting job he has had this week. Each morning I have had to delay my work schedule in order to drive him to his job. I pick him up when he's done. It's 50 miles for the days' round trips. He was thanking me for driving him. He's very sweet that way, always appreciative!

    I told him how I REALLY didn't mind doing it. I said it wouldn't be much longer and he wouldn't be needing me as much. I was going to enjoy this time where I could still do things for him! He'll be 17 in Oct and will begin Driver's Ed when school restarts. In less than 2 years he will have graduated from high School and I will be preparing my heart for its' empty nest!

    I never understood those parents who were so eager for their child to turn 16 so they didn't have to run them all over. One gal we know, put all of her motherly duties of running onto her 16 year old daughter the week after she got her lisence! I shudder to think of how her daughter's inexperience behind the wheel could've resulted in a devastating loss of all 4 children! Who wants to live with that?

    Motherhood is a calling, it's the highest calling there is. It's easy to lose sight tha tour children are a gift from the Lord when they're fighting with one another, yelling at the top of their lungs and scattering their junk around the house. On those days I remind myself that I am INDEED blessed to hear their voices and have them to pick up after! I'll bet if you asked a parent who has lost a child, they'd tell you how fortunate we are and that they'd give anything to be in our shoes!

  7. It's a wonder why some people ever had children in the first place!

    Mine can drive me batty, but I know I drive them just as batty. Life would be so dull and boring without them!


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