02 July 2007

Scrap Happy - Week 11

I am back! It is only Sunday and I am already prepared for the Scrap Happy meme tomorrow! I even made a BRAND NEW page! Woo hoo! I have so little creative energy sometimes - and most of it is being invested in writing projects right now - but it was so nice to get a scrapbooking fix!
I took this fantastic picture of my girls with two of their bestest friends in the whole wide world when we were in WV in May-June. I love taking pictures - and they seem to capture happy memories, as well as sad ones. This was the day we were supposed to be packing the car, but the friends came over and we couldn't get things packed up - because we really didn't want to leave our friends!
Since were are here talking about this meme, would y'all like it if we had a "challenge" - some themes we could work towards occasionally - but you didn't have to work on that theme unless you wanted to - or would you prefer to keep this totally open all the time to anything people want to post??? Just a thought.
Happy Scrappin'!


  1. Finally have had time to read your blog. It is funny and good. Appreciate it.
    Cheers Tina

  2. Great scrapbook page. It's a hobby of mine too, but I unfortunately lack the talent to make the pages look like I would "like" them to.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come visit again! ~Karlie

  3. it is so hard to leave friends!! great page capturing those memories.
    and i noticed the plug for texas in the last entry.. you'll be talking with a twang before you know it.. :o)~


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