23 July 2007


In a couple of hours my husband will be getting up for work - but I can't even go to sleep. I am not sure what exactly has me so restless, but I had to get out of bed and do something else for a while. I am on a way late sleeping cycle as it is, and the more I lay in bed thinking, "I have GOT to fall asleep" the further it eludes me.
I used to transcribe counseling sessions for a friend at church that was a psychologist - which I found to be very interesting work - unless of course you were transcribing a session with a low-talker, an emotionally distraught person, someone with an accent, or the batteries happened to be low on the recorder. Several of her patients had sleep disorders which seems to accompany many forms of mental illness (hmm.....). Anyway - one thing she says and it is advice that has held true - is the longer you lay in bed unable to sleep, the more you will train your body for insomnia. If you tend to get in bed and fall asleep, this will be the pattern, but if you get in bed and lay there tossing and turning for two hours, you could set yourself up to require this "settling" period more and more. So she suggested to patients that if you don't fall asleep within 15 minutes, to get up and read or do something else for 30 minutes to an hour.
Aren't you lucky? I decided to get up and blog! Rats! This only killed 10 minutes - I'm going to read now!


  1. I was wondering whether you were planning on sleeping tonight when I got a comment from you a short while ago! LOL! Hope you manage to nod off soon. And thanks for your prayers!

  2. I hope you get to sleep in this morning. The best way for me to fall asleep is to pray. I just start going through my prayer requests and before I'm done with one or two, I'm out!

  3. ha ha! you made me laugh with the "low talker" thing. I do hope you managed to get some sleep. I know how frustrating it can be!!

  4. What about fast-talkers?

    It usually takes me about 30 minutes to fall asleep. To get comfy in my nest and to turn off my brain. Some nights it's not that long - I've had nights where sleep is elusive. And I have to make sure I meditate on scripture.
    Sometimes, remembering to make that choice is more difficult than one would think. *LOL*

    I hope you got rest.


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