25 July 2007

Home Alone

Kullen did not want to go with me when I took the girls to audition for Cheaper by the Dozen last night, however, there was going to be a 10 minute gap between the time I had to leave and the time his dad would be home from work. I called Travis right before I left and he was only about 11 miles away, so I told the boy to take Jett (our black lab) inside with him, and lock the doors, assuring him his dad would be right home. I had to go to the gas station that is less than a mile away and tank up before heading off, and when I finally headed down the road, I passed his dad. I called to check on him, and while it had only been 5 minutes, please remember he is only 9 (soon to be 10 he would want me to remind you) years old. I was mostly worried that he would be scared. He answered the phone out of breath.
I said, "Hey, I just passed daddy. He should be there any second!"
He says, "MOM, guess what?"
I said, "What?"
He said, "I turned the stereo all the way up!"
I had visions of Tom Cruise - an 80s flashback from Risky Business dancing around the living room floor in his underwear, socks and a collared shirt! Yep, we're totally not ready to be home alone yet!


  1. Oh my! This reminds me of Tayva and Kameron when I first started leaving them by themselves (together)(YEARS ago)I had a very nice stereo with the tall speakers. The volume COULD go to 10 but the windows rattled at 3. I kept a Yankee candle on one of the speakers. I came home one time and it was gone. After several questions I found out they turned the volume ALL the way up the vibration knocked the candle off and it shattered and they blew my speakers out. I still haven't replaced the speakers. Ha! Somehow they survived.

  2. That's cute. It is a great age when they tell you everything they do.


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